Wing and Tail

Two mutations. That's all it took to change the way we live.

Chapter 1

The Mutation

"Hey Ash," my little brother shouted. "Check it out!"

"Busy!" I replied from within my bedroom. He knew better than to interrupt me in the middle of a last-minute 20-page essay.


"FINE! Coming!"

I scooted my chair out, left the carpeted room, and dashed into the living room. "What is it, Grayson?"

He shoved a device in my face. "Look at that! It happened minutes ago!"

My hands grabbed the device, moving it to a proper distance from my face. Then I gasped.

A sick person writhed in the picture, somewhere in the national hospital. Fur was sprouting from their arms and legs. Headline: UNKNOWN VIRUS SPREADING.

I glanced at Grayson. "Minutes ago?" I repeated. "How is it spreading?"

He shrugged, snatching the device away from me. "I dunno, but it says she was attacked by a crazy cat."

I sat down on our old red leather sofa, brow furrowing. "But mom's at our aunts house today. She has a cat."

Grayson rolled his eyes, sitting on the floor and playing some game. His fingers tapped wildly. "It's not gonna affect us."

That's when I got the phone call.


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