Side Effects (An Original Group Story)

Chapter 1

Lauji- Improvised Recruitment

I stare at Aimesm, he doesn’t look back, he just keeps his eyes on the commander. I sigh and look behind the commander spotting Libeay. She doesn’t notice me. “Anyway, my point is, before the first raid you guys need a third member. We’ve already selected one person that we believe would not hesitate to join.” The commander says as he hands Aimesm a folder. “Remember, during all missions you must go by your chosen code names. Leech and Whisper, we can’t take any chances, someone from Remex might be there. Now go.” he finishes, “I know you hate leading, Aimesm, but your the best person at leading out of this team so far, maybe this person can be our leader.” I whisper as I try to grab the folder the commander handed over. Before I reach it Aimesm puts it in my hands. “Let’s go find Otm.” Aimesm says. Otm- I’m kinda glad he was only a placeholder while we get a third member. His power is light manipulation, because of it he has this whole ninja thing he does. It’s really annoying. I stare at the folder, it has a picture of a girl. It says her name is Miley. She has black hair and brown eyes, under her power it says splitting atoms. “Well, I guess she is good for the team. Her power won’t affect either of us. You’re practically immortal and fire can’t hurt me.” I whisper, Aimesm nods and keeps staring in front of us. I look up and see Otm. “Footsteps, I can hear them. Fire, I can smell it. Lauji, Aimesm, are we finally going to get that third member for you guys?” Otm says, “You know just because you're blind doesn’t mean you have to say every single sense you get, and yes, we’re going now.” I whisper to him. I’ve always whispered I was never really able to fully speak just whisper. When I yell it sounds like normal talking but it hurts my throat. “Okay, then, let’s get going.” Aimesm says to us. We both nod in response.

I stare at Miley running on the sidewalk. Three people are following her. I point to Miley, Aimesm notices and nods. He walks into the alley that Miley is about to run into. It’s a dead end. Wisps, behind me. At the thought my wisps of fire get into a straight line at my back. Like Otm has a power so do some other people in this world. Not everyone- but the number of people are growing. I recognize the people chasing Miley as people who work for a place that sell people with powers. Miley walks to the back of the alley. No one notices Aimesm standing there. Otm and I are both on roof tops though. “Now, come along quietly or we’ll have to take you by force.” One of the goons threaten Miley. To add to the threat they pull out a gun and shoot the area next to her. It hits Aimesm instead. With blood running down his face he walks out of the shadows and in front of Miley. That wound will be healed tomorrow. I think to myself, Aimesm can drain life energy of other animals and add it to his own by touch. He usually uses turtles because their life span is the largest. “There are a few people you don’t want to make enemies with in this world for example, a god.” Aimesm tells the goons as he lifts his hand in the air in a cuff shape and throws the air at one of the goons. Wait wha- uh- one of you shoot fire at that guy. One of my wisps shoots fire at the goon by the time Aimesm’s hand goes down. What is he thinking? Wisp, back behind me. The wisp follows my command but I’m still confused about Aimesm. “Now you.” Aimesm says as he looks at one of the other grunts. He raises his hand up again but this time slashes down at an angle. Otm immediately cuts the goon with a katana. 2 goons lie on the ground, one still stands. “Now-” Aimesm starts talking but before he does anything the third goon runs. “Well, that went well.” Aimesm exclaims, “Well, hello, Miley.” he says as he extends a hand. She stares at him, “What? Not going to talk? Are you afraid about all that ‘god’ stuff? Well, I’m not really a god. It was these guys, and do you know how hard it is to improvise something like that? Well, anyway, we’re asking you to come with us.” Aimesm says. I jump down next to him and Otm jumps to the other side. “Where to?” She asks, “Have you heard of Raven?” Raven, that’s what we’re in. An organization fighting against Remex to make a world with more freedom and a world where no one can be harmed. That’s what we’ll do. That’s why we need this member.Aimesm asks her, “Yeah, I’ve heard they’re looking for members I don’t know what they're doing though.” Miley says in a confused tone, “Well, for one we’re trying to take down Remex at the moment. But there is other stuff. Come with us.” Aimesm finishes talking. “Well, you did kinda save me I guess,” I hear her whisper, “okay, I’ll go.”

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