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Chapter 1

KrisWolff~ Entry 1

by: KrisWolff
June 27, 2016

Well, right now I'm watching Jacksepticeye on Youtube, so this probably isn't going to be long. But I have something to rant about.

TAMPONS AND PADS SHOULD BE FREE AND PROVIDED IN PUBLIC BATHROOMS, SCHOOLS, SHELTERS, AND PRISONS. NO QUESTION. They are a BASIC hygienic need, like toilet paper. You LITERALLY CANNOT stop your period, and people with periods literally deal with this usually a week out of every single month so???
Also, they should be available in men's restrooms as well as women's, seeing as how some men get periods. You're gonna cry about how it's expensive to keep tampons and pads in public bathrooms? Too freaking bad. We can afford to cover viagra and stuff on insurance, but we can't afford to make sure people with periods have the hygienic materials they NEED? That's just ridiculous. Tampons and pads are NECESSITIES, flat-out, no question.

anyway, rant over.

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