An Evil Arises

"Something...something's bad happened... Bluefur died. Some cat has killed her. I don't know who. But Tigerclaw's bringing her back..." Sunstar looked away. "Then I must appoint a new deputy."
Sunstar stepped out of his den. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the High Rock for a clan meeting. I say these words before my ancestors. Thistleclaw will be the new deputy of ThunderClan." Thistleclaw unsheathed his claws and bared his teeth. 'This is only the beginning.'

Chapter 1

Death of an Warrior

by: Katwiz
Thistleclaw followed Sunstar through the forest, into ShadowClan territory. "Sunstar, this isn't a wise idea! Brokenstar'll kill you! He'll attack you for sure!" Sunstar shook his head. "I shall be fine. We just need to talk."
"What are you doing?"
Thistleclaw and Sunstar turned around to see a patrol of ShadowClan warriors. "We just need to come and talk to your leader."
Clawface bared his teeth, smiling a terrible smile. "Then come."
Thistleclaw followed nervously.

Sunstar dipped his head. "I've come to tell you to please stop hunting on our territory. Borders are borders and we all must respect them, shouldn't we? After all, StarClan made them so."
Brokenstar smiled evilly. "Maybe, but we have many too cats in our camp, and our territory can only provide so much. We need some more prey... cats have already died."
Thistleclaw turned on him. "Only because you killed them all!"
"No I haven't!" Brokenstar snarled. "Where have you heard all of this nonsense? Have you been spying on us?"
Thistleclaw glared at him. "Stop telling lies! Every cat in the forest knows you're a stupid cat who kills cats for fun!"
Brokenstar narrowed his eyes and turned towards Sunstar. "Have you been telling him all those lies?"
"No I haven't!" He spat, obviously losing his patience. "Like Thistleclaw said, everycat in this forest knows!"
Brokenstar narrowed his eyes and turned towards his warriors. "Kill him."
Sunstar's eyes widened and then hissed at Brokenstar. "You liar! Of course you've always been evil! If you want to object, stop them right now!"
"No ThunderClan cat's going to order me around," he sneered.
Sunstar soon disappeared under a mass of warriors while Thistleclaw and Sunstar tried to fight them off.
"Get away!" Brokenstar spat. "You have nothing to do with this!" He rounded on him and then lowered his voice. "Unless if you want to be killed too."
Thistleclaw snarled. "Who cares if I'm killed?"
He attacked Brokenstar, only to find the warriors of ShadowClan releasing Sunstar, laying on his side, blood pooling from his wound. "Thistleclaw... may you lead ThunderClan well. May StarClan be with you with you."
'Yes,' Thistleclaw thought. 'But StarClan may die for all I care.' "N-no," he whispered. "You can't!" Thistleclaw turned towards Spottedleaf. "Save him! You must!"
Spottedleaf shook her head sadly. "He's in the paws of StarClan now."
"But-but," he spluttered. "There must be some way to save him! He can't die! Not right now!"
Sunstar turned weakly towards him. "It's my time to leave. I knew I had chosen the right cat all along." He let out a shuddering gasp. "B-bye Thistleclaw. May StarClan guide your path."
Then. he laid limp, dead.


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