According to my Grandfather's Sisters, my Sweet 16 today is "Too Mixed Race" WTF?

Chapter 1

Well, hopefully things with be fine when the party starts this afternoon

Okay, first things first, my paternal grandparents are from western NC, and a lot of the old fashioned, and often offensive opinions still exist down there. At the moment, my grandpa is in the hospital. He's going to be okay, he just needs a few days with medical care and he'll be alright in the end. Anyways, Uncle Jordan and Daryl called his family and a few of his in-laws to tell them what had happened, and my Aunt Jenny, Aunt Caroline, and her daughter Janet came up to see how he was doing and to help out my grandma while she's alone. So, yesterday after school, Uncle Daryl took me to see Grandpa in the hospital and have dinner with him, and my Aunts were all there.

1st of all, they don't really understand bisexuality, they think it's a sin. (Really annoying, right?) And the only other interracial relationship in the family are Grandpa and Grandma because my grandma is Cherokee and Grandpa is French and German. My grandmother has managed to get past the judgement, but poor Daryl always gets dirty looks and occasional comments about him being black. Somehow, we managed to get through dinner with Grandpa before my relatives started making snarky comments. Ugh,

"Your actual birthday is on Monday, but you're having the party tomorrow?" Aunt Caroline started.

"Yeah, I'm just having pizza, movies, board games, and about 11 guests. I was surprised so many friends could come!" I answered back.

"Oh that's nice, who's coming?" Janet asks.

Now, I just listed off the names and here's where things got out of hand.
Jack, Stephanie, Christian, and Sarah are all white.
Lauren, Tyra, and Brianna are Black.
VJ, Alejandra, and Bryan are Hispanic.
Gahzelpreet is Indian, hence Asian.
I'm a hodge-podge, being Hispanic, Native American, and White.

"Alejandra... You're having an illegal Mexican at you're party?" Aunt Jenny shouts. The entire hospital cafeteria stares at us. Forks drop. Mouthes hang wide open.

I shake my head, "She's not illegal. She was born in the US and so were her parents. She doesn't even have an accent."

Uncle Daryl cut in, "Bryan and VJ are also Hispanic and neither of them are Mexican."

"It doesn't matter, they're still talking jobs that belong to good old American boys!" Aunt Jenny keeps going.

I roll my eyes, "You know, I'm Cuban on my mother's side."

"Racial impurity, it's just not right..." Aunt Caroline scoffs, "Does that Indian girl have that annoying accent and always eat with her hands like an animal?"

I shout, "You're really walking on a line here."

This is when things really get awful, "Don't tell me you have any black-birds coming too," Janet barks.

At this point, Uncle Daryl and I start getting up to leave, and I respond with, "Yes, three as a matter of fact, and whatever you have to say about them I don't want to hear it."

Upon getting our raincoats on and starting towards the door, I hear Aunt Caroline murmur, "With all the N-words and Offensive Hispanic slurs, at her party it'll be a miracle if no one gets shot by the police."

I am beyond seething. I have never said ANY of those racial slurs and I can't believe they said them like it's nothing! To make matters worse, my grandma called us about an hour later, very upset, because those three were leaving that night instead of staying until Grandpa is back home. They also called my Grandma the R-word (Redskin) and told her that they don't want to see me either because I'm going to get myself in trouble for having a multi-racial group of friends.

Is anyone else ticked off about this? I'm sure someone's jaw hit the ground reading this. I really hope the party goes fine today, despite having a lot of cultural differences. We're from DC, a very diverse area so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm just glad for them to be going back to NC and for all of this to be over. Thank you all for reading my rant. Uncle Daryl and I needed to vent lol


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