Hi people! This is my next group story and I only want people to sign up if they are dedicated to completing it. It could potentially be one of my last group stories, but I don't want to say that because I LOVE group stories so much! Without further ado- let us begin!

Chapter 2

Here we go!! I am so sorry about the delay in choosing characters!

by: Darsha
Authors Chosen:
Bea99- Character: Mia
Candourlight- Character: O'Donnell
ciorstan_eilionoir- Character: Isla
Sugarkart- Character: Steven

And then there's me...Darsha and my character is posted in ch1- her name is Red. :) :)

And the character profiles are posted down below! Before I get to that- I was wondering if Steven and Isla could be love interests? Is that okay with you guys? I really think that might work out!

Name- Amelia Smith
Nickname- Mia
Gender- female
Age- 14
Personality- She's a very loving person, but doesn't let people mistreat her. She tends to have a lot of friends wherever she goes and she's definitely not shy. Mia is a very daring person and loves adventure. She has always felt like a rebel, but didn't know how to stand up against a government so strong.
Appearance- wavy dirty blonde hair down to her collarbone, bright green eyes, pale, very short, fairly skinny, typically dresses very
Background- Her parents both believe that the government is exactly as it should be. They are completely brainwashed by the government's policies and typically make Mia feel unwanted. They let it be known how disappointed they are in her. She has a two year old sister, but has never felt loved even by her. She wants nothing more than to show her family how wrong they are and to find a better life for herself.
Political views- Overall, Mia believes in free will. She thinks that laws
should serve to protect people. She does not believe that anyone should ever feel trapped in a life they don't want, and this is why she is so against the way the government treats factory workers and citizens in general.
Love interest- none

Name: Scott O'Donnell
Nicknames: (The) Old Man (Informal), Mr O'Donnell (Formal)
Age: 63
Personality: Commanding, domineering and assertive but respected, revered and admired - natural leader; dangerously perceptive and terrifying intellectual; presents an initially authoritative front but holds a fatherly and compassionate nature - prioritises the wellbeing of others over his own; outwardly reserved and reticent but fiercely determined; the voice of reason and order amongst younger dissenters.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sun-kissed skin tone; surprisingly stalwart and formidable build for his age; wrinkles becoming evident - especially the creases in his brow; short, grey, clean-cut hair; rough but partially tidy grey beard; left eye is blue and right eye is a glass one; wears a light brown trench-coat with fur lining over his standard-issue foreman uniform - a dark-brown button up shirt with black pants; amputated right leg below shin - steel peg leg in place - crutch held in right arm.

Background: As the oldest worker and the most senior foreman in the factory, O'Donnell has gained something of a reputation amongst the workers. While everyone agrees that he lost both his right leg and his wife in a horrible machinery accident, nobody is certain as to his history. He is an enigma and an antiquity and despite his physical impediments and past shrouded in mystery, he has become a bit of a legend, even if he denies any and all claims to fame.

Political Views: O'Donnell is tired and world-weary, but he understands the tyranny of necessity. He quickly accustoms himself to the revolution, aware of the coming storm. He is not optimistic but so long as he believes his cause is serving the greater good, he will resign himself into the arms of fate and accept whatever it is destiny has in store for him. His is a path of destruction and if he is destroyed too in the process, so be it

Name- Isla Macleod
Gender- F
Age- 18
Personality- Caring, sensitive, trusting, respectful, faithful, somewhat reserved, submissive, non-judgmental, will avoid conflict if possible, secretive, a bit of a closed book, observant, a little inquisitive, good at hiding, will find discreet ways to bend the rules, up for anything, can be spontaneous or fearful, tries hard to please people, one to let others walk all over them

Appearance- Longish dark red hair, blue eyes, rather pale and thin, not that tall, other than work clothes-would wear light blouses and worn skirts/jeans, soft-almost fragile appearance but is fairly flexible/swift
Background- Her family was rather poor, she and her brother often spent time away from their stressful home, her mother was arrested for something when Isla was around 14, after which they worked to support themselves and their father’s desire for money

her brother left home to find their mother a year ago, she has an regular job-something to do with assembly
Political views- tends to be too afraid to oppose anything at first, is just grateful to get by and wouldn’t want to stir up trouble, but gradually accepts a need for change
Love interest- To be determined

Name- Steven Hayel
Nickname- Steve
Gender- Male
Age- 25
Personality- Steven is a passive fellow, who would throw himself into fights to break them up, seeing peaceful talks as more productive. He is caring, kind and protective with an ear for listening to ones problems and joys. He is quick to rush to ones aid and not one to fight first. He is also rather quiet.

Appearance- Built for heavy-lifting, Steven is seen as one would could knock you out with a finger tap. He wears dark blue overalls or jeans, a red plaid shirt and black work boots with black socks. His hair is sandy-blonde and chin length, curly. His skin is slightly browned and has a yellowish birthmark on his right wrist.


Background- Steves' family have been involved with machinery and heavy-lifting since as far back as they can recall. The males of the family are the main contributors, as they are 'built' for the job, however, many have died in factory accidents. Steven has lost his father in a fire and his brother in a collapse. (TBC...)

(Background Continue...) His mother died of hunger, trying to save her remaining children and orphans, which Steven now cares for. Steven had a wife (who died by sickness) and has a young daughter (3 years old), who is cared for by the older orphans and his sister.
Political views- Steven wants a better working life to support his daughter, sister and the 4 orphans in his care. He wants people to stick together, be peaceful and find a better future to live in.

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