hello! (with a lil update!)


Chapter 1


hi i'm dakota!! I joined this website in 2012 when I was 11 years old (thats why it says 30 whatever on the profile i was a mess) im almost 15 now. im making this post bc im in a genuinely ok part of my life rn and i wanted to clear up stuff about myself for the people that still care/worry (though I doubt there are any, which i'm not upset about lol, it's been quite a while).
firstly, i'm 100% not rejoining this website. its p glitchy and hardly ever lets me log on and i still half-believe that thing that went around saying quibblo owns your stories. with that being said, i'm going to delete every story i've made (including group stories) here that i care about. this is because i dont want them stolen and i might want to do something with them in the future. I also will do the same on my second account, bluemango.
i guess i mainly made this to let people know that? especially people i was in group stories with. and that this will likely be the last time i'll log on. people i was friends with here, even though i might not remember all of u right off the bat, u all still hold a special place in my heart and i honestly could never forget all the fun i had here with u all. thanks so much for tolerating my bad writing and dumb characters. really though, i think this website was such a possitive influence on my life when i was 11-12 and really helped spark the like need to write novels in me.
thanks so much, all of you, for being a part of it with me <3

btw, in particular, i am going to delete trainers, the trainers sequel when in rome, troubles along the way, the best are different, an a new kind of danger

(ps: if any of my friends here ever want to contact me and just talk or catch up or w/ever, feel free to message me on my tumblr, nautiluskid, or on my chickensmoothie, madrilenial. id love to talk to you <3)

TLDR; im quitting for good now, im nostalgic lol, im doing better than i was when i made my last update thing, im deleting my stories that i want to be not on this website, i love you all

8/27/16 UPDATE: SORRY for everything i've done/said/written that's been problematic or cringy or weirdly sexual ?? (i dont even know im sorry). like i said, i was young and i wasn't as informed and stuff as i think i am now. i was just thinkin about this and i dont really want to go thru everything ive ever written and correct stuff, so i just wanted to point that out!!
im still really thankful for how good this site was to me when i was young and how much it helped me grow to be who i am today. thank you!! just wanted to clear up that stuff


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