Kids with Powers (authors chosen)

Hi! Sorry I have such a bad title. Anyways, read down there for more!

Chapter 1

Gathering Up Characters!

Here is my character:
Name: Katherine "Kitty" Junith
Age: 13
Power(s) Maximum Three: teleporting, can go through any solid (like Kitty in X-men), telekinises
Looks: small build, brown, wavy hair, brown eyes with flecks of gold in them
Habits/Talents: nimble, blending in, nibbling her nails when nervous, peace maker, photographic memory
Weaknesses/Fears: Spiders, Sudden noises, Abuse
Family: ran away from home when she was six and lived with some other characters that will be introduced later, left behind her abusive dad
Other: N/A

Here are the characters:
Squirtleshell"s Character
Name: Yui Meek
Powers: Talking to Animals and Turning into animals. Unrelated to that... She can freeze time except for herself and anyone/thing she's touching.
Looks: 4 feet 8 inches tall and skinny. She has brown eyes and straight hair she wears in a pony tail all the time, she has dark brown eyes that almost look black. She never wears dresses or skirts.
Habits/Talents: Kicking her right leg back and forth when standing up for a long time. Good at healing animals.
Weaknesses/Fears: Clowns scare her a lot and she doesn't really have any other weaknesses.
Family: Treated her as a pet not a person. One night she ran away and has been going all over the world trying to make sure she can't be found.
Other: Hasn't realized she has the freezing power yet.

ThrillerRideKiss's Character:
Name: Tiffany
Age: 14
Powers: teleporting and every three days, she can fly
Looks: short straight black hair, with hair clips, wears jeans most of the time
Talent: It can play the tiny ukulele
Weakness: Enemy, robots, fire
Family: both parents died so she ran away from her brother

Writer202's character:
Jennifer Johansson:
•run fast, control lightning, and l has super strength.
•goth, but fam doesn't know. Around them, she wears a long black wig that looks real, and very similar to her real hair, which is short. Wears dresses around fam, changes when away.
•has a baby brother. Super rich, but her friends don't know.
•loves punk, rock and gothic things.
•biggest fears are fam will learn her secret and also shell be called freak.
•Learns of powers when she is nearly kidnapped for money.

MSteele3's Character"
Name: Makaela
Age: 13
Power(s): read minds, super speed
Looks: dark brown hair, tomboyish style, glasses
Talent: baking/cooking
Weaknesses: failure
Family: have a twin sister, a mean abusive dad, and a nice mom

NeonGreen's Character:
Name: Dakota Lightning
Powers: fast solver at anything, can do anything with electricity, and can glow in the dark
Looks: 5 feet exactly, medium build(not super-skinny but not fat between), black hair with 1 neon green stripe in it, always wears hair in ponytail, always wears an electric blue and neon green t-shirt with shorts and Converse High-Tops
Habits/Talents: talks Spanish and Italian, always puts leg up like on a chair when standing, rocks back and forth a lot, can't keep still, knows martial arts
Weaknesses/Fears: doesn't know when to give up and is scared of disappointing anybody
Family: Mom dies when giving birth, Dad is completely oblivious to her powers and Dakota barely sees him because he never makes time for her, 1 older sister(17) who's the complete opposite of her in everything
Personality: Friendly, talkative, funny, sarcastic, crazy in a good way, special
Age: 12-13

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