Scarborough Fair

There is a small forgotten town in the depths of the woods filled with equally forgotten people; those who come never leave, and those who try will die.
Of course, they can't try unless they unlock their memories from the spell of an ancient witch cast hundreds of years ago. When a group of young adults wake up, they must unite to break the curse, but will they work together or tear each-other down?

Chapter 2

Joseph Abbytown- Guardian of the Town

Joseph Abbytown was the gaurdian of the town. Afterall,"Town" was in his name, so what choice did he have? His white tunic and long blue vest symbolized his status as police officer, and he did his best to deliver on his end of the deal.

He dreaded the day when there was something he couldn't protect the helpless citizens from.

He was on his route that morning, looking out for suspicious behavior. He'd already canned an old guy for stealing candlesticks from a street vendor. Turns out, the old guy was hungry and his wife had left him, taking all of his belongings with her, leaving him broke. Joseph, being the kind fellow that he is, gave him a bucket of fruit and ham and the bought him a drink.

So anyways, Joseph continued on his route, looking for a man who had been injured in the woods. Rumor had it that Major Jackson had gone out there to go chop wood and hadn't come home. His wife was with child, and Joseph knew it was of the utmost importance to find Major.

Joseph saw where the clearing surrounding the town met the beginnings of the woods and sprinted across the field. The joys of being twenty-three years old.

After checking the first ring of woods that most everyone in town had explored at least once, Joseph began the trek up the bluff. Very few people came here.

Birds began to warble a warning calls throughout.

This was Rowan's territory.

"Major!" Joseph called. "Major!"

Joseph caught a trail of blood from the corner of his eye. Quickly, he began to follow it.

There lay Major Jackson, an ax wedged into his left foot. Blood was everywhere. A lanky boy of eighteen years knelt over the man, cleaning his wounds. He looked up at Joseph with wide eyes, then sprinted away like a deer.


The kid gave Joseph a wary feeling every time they met; granted that rarely happened. Rowan had little to do with the life of the town's people.

"Hey Joe," Major rasped, "Sorry to put you to this trouble."

"No trouble," Joseph replied, "It's my job and I aim to do it. Let's get you to Emilia."

Wrapping his arm around Major for support, Joseph limped him straight to Emilia, who immediately took to doctoring the wound.

Joseph paused for a moment to watch the intensity of Emilia's gaze as she focused on Major's wound, her hands moving quickly and accurately to the correct herbs and bandages.

Joseph had full confidence Major would be fine. As he walked out of the healer's shop, he noticed a tear in his vest.

Sighing, he figured he'd better take it to Meave the spinner, to get it fixed.

Afterall, a uniform is important to a police officer.

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