Scarborough Fair

There is a small forgotten town in the depths of the woods filled with equally forgotten people; those who come never leave, and those who try will die.
Of course, they can't try unless they unlock their memories from the spell of an ancient witch cast hundreds of years ago. When a group of young adults wake up, they must unite to break the curse, but will they work together or tear each-other down?

Chapter 1

Emilia- Another Day Another Mistake

A/N: Hi everybody!! I'm so sorry that this is coming out late, I've been extremely busy with finishing my art exam, but since it's over today, here's the very first chapter! I was thinking the first round could be an introduction to your character and their life around the town, then get into the actual plot! Thank you for your patience with this, let's see how cool we can make it!!! :B

Emilia wasn't having a good day. The rain had caught her out earlier that morning, and drenched her single-shawled self in seconds. Racing back to her house, she arrived only to find that the mint she had gathered was totally ruined in the rain!

She was cold, wet, and completely fed up. UGH. Why hadnt she seen the rain clouds coming!? Daydreaming was going to be the death of her one day, musing upon her dreams in her waking hours didn't improve her understanding or her patience for them... And yet, it seemed that she couldn't help but think about them. They were so.. familiar, yet she knew that she had never done any of the things that she had seen.

Plus they were in first person. Who dreams in first person?? Noone that she had ever heard of, you can be sure of that!

Sighing, she shed her soaking outer layers and hung them on the rack next to the fire. In her underskirts she set about making herself some tea to reduce the likelihood of a cold.

Walking over to her spice chest Emilia attempted to reach the gathered bunch of dried rhubarb roots she had gathered earlier in the year; teetering on her tiptoes she stretched as far as she could. The tips of her fingers just brushed the jar, when the shelf she was leaning on broke, 'of course', she thought bitterly as she thumped to the ground.

Most of the spice jars on the shelf had smashed to the ground, and she could have cried with frustration. Why today of all days? She scooped all the spices into one pile and dumped them unceremoniously into the thyme, the only jar that hadn't smashed in the fall.

Muttering angrily, she placed the jar up by the rhubarb as far from her as she could. She then grabbed the red roots and made her tea with a huff. Murphy's law seemed to be completely obsessed with her today. It was awful.

After some time the rain had slowed to a drizzle, and Emilia decided to venture out to deliver the herbs she had promised some of the townsfolk. She loaded her basket with all the medicinal, and tea-making herbs that they had requested and set out to make her rounds.

She visited the baker and his wife who's son has an atrocious rash and gave them a yarrow poultice to numb his pain and bring down the swelling. Then to the school ma'am who consistently requested headache medicine (three guesses as to why) and finally reached the last stop on her list, Joseph- the sheriff. He had made it his mission to clean up the town, and succeeded with unprecedented speed because of his young age. He often requested soothing seasonal herbal teas that Emilia made, and she always enjoyed delivering them. They often sat chatting for a much longer time after that as well.

It was.. Nice.

She stopped by that day as usual promptly at five, since that was his dinner break, and the deputy took over for an hour or so. Traipsing in, she looked around for Joseph, but noone was there. A note has been left on the desk and read: 'Gone out to search for a man rumoured to be injured in the woods.'
She shrugged, and left the sachets of rhubarb tea that she had packaged after having her own earlier that day. Placing them gently on top of the note, she left again, carefully closing the door behind her.

Little did she know that it wasn't the rhubarb that she had packaged, but the mixture of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme that she had dumped into the jar right next to it. After all, dried, they looked the same. She didn't know of the chain reaction she had just set in motion.

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