Amusement: A Greek, Group-to-Solo Adapted Story

In memory of one of my best friends on Quibblo, now retired, I will be taking up her group story titled Amusement and adapting it into a solo POV story, which tells the story of the children of the Nine Muses on an adventure to protect Olympus from a being that threatens to overthrow their rule. My character was Nix Aranmore. If you want to read the group story, which was sadly left unfinished, you can find it here:

Chapter 1

A Foreword

For the days of Quibblo where the imagination ran wild and creativity was rampant.

For the authors of stories, making fantastical ideas into fictitious reality.

For the readers of said stories, supporting us all the way.

For the writers of Amusement, either deleted or retired.

Finally, for Lark, gifted writer, amazing person and closest friend.

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