QOrgTeam invitations contest's second winner is announced in chapter 3! read!!!

Chapter 1

new contest!!

by: _othuna
We are very disappointed that you hardly get invitations in your inbox anymore, we decided to address this issue,

We are making you guys a new big contest!
Every week, the winner will be the one who created the most Quizzes/Stories!
Yes! Make as many Quizzes/Stories/Surveys as you can and we will see who made the most per each week!

1-Only real quizzes/stories/surveys will be counted. reposts/spam posts/etc won't be counted.

2-Only one invitation will count per quiz. if you sent more than one invitation for the same quiz/story/survey, only the first one will be counted.

3-ReInvitations for old quizzes (invitations for quizzes you made a long ago) won't be counted. only new creations will be counted.

The winner's prize
1-The winner can request one thing from the QOrgTeam. it can be anyting as long as it's not inappropriate or rude.

2-The winner will be featured for this week and given a virtual prize

Come on start!! :)

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