Chapter 13: How I got into the Goth subculture: The Goth Subculture

My Smiths obsessed has calmed down a bit and now I'm paying more attention to the subculture and developing myself within it.
This is for people who don't quite understand but are interested in learning about it.

Chapter 1

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1. Contents
2. Questions anyone has (these will be put at the front because I don't know how many chapters there will be).
3. What was Goth before it was a subculture?
4. The Gothic subculture
5. Why do we label?
6. "You won't get a job dressed like that" "You're not goth in the real world"
7. Things that get mistaken for Goth that actually aren't.
8. I've never wanted to be this person.
9. Now I didn't "choose" to be Goth.
10. Why someone who isn't goth cannot just "become" goth.
11. Elitism.
12. You don't have to listen to goth music to be goth.
13. How I got into the Goth subculture.

I want to start with asking: any suggestions on what to write about first?

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