as easy as breathing

Chapter 1


to put things very simply,
i can only breathe on the days you tell me i am yours.

you will always be so beautiful to me.
no matter how much it might hurt,
i think that every time i see you smile, from now until infinity it will remind me of all the nights where your hands left scorch marks on my hips and i carved my name into your skin,
and it will reduce me to nothing more than stardust.
you are the only person who has ever made me forget that i am a being made entirely of broken bones and nights spent alone in the dark,
listening to my own heart shatter like glass.
i think i loved you from the first word you spoke to me,
a timid, confident, deep-toned "hey" that made me feel like nothing and everything was settled within my bones.
you voice has that strange warmth that feels like libraries that stood through wars,
like it is a story aching to be told,
desperate to be remembered.
you are forever a garden of inspiration and a hellish wasteland,
and i don't know which i preferred,
and you kissed poems onto my lips that i'm still trying to regurgitate before my heart misplaces them.
remember that no matter what happens,
when you get lost, come to me, and i will find you in all those places that you hide inside yourself that only i have seen.
and when i find you i will help you out,
and i will release you back into the sky so that you can continue to let all of those stars that i love to wish on fall out of your mouth.

to put things very simply,
i can only breathe on the days you tell me i am yours.

cause of death: suffocation.


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