Anime world

Anime world

Blaire is just a normal otaku, dreaming of the anime world. When she wishes on a star before sleeping one night, she wakes up in a whole new world. Her dream world, the anime world.

Chapter 1

Wishes come true

by: LadyNoir
I walk home in the rain as usual. I stare at the beautiful pattern created just by a raindrop and a puddle. It makes me feel calm. Right now I just want to go home and watch anime. I carry on walking and end up at the dirty door leading to my house. What a surprise, mum is passed out on the sofa. She's been like this ever since dad left. I had to raise me and my little sister at such a young age.

A few hours later my sister comes back from her babysitting job. "Hey sis," She giggles. I smile and wave while watching anime. "It's getting late, I'm going to sleep," I say. Before I hit the hay I look out my window to see a bright star. I smirk and whisper, "I wish to go to the anime world..." I then jump into bed and sleep.

I wake up with a yawn realising I'm not in my bed. "Hey, you're awake!" A voice says. I turn my head to see a pink haired boy holding a blue cat. Wait isn't he from an anime. What was it? Fairy Time? Dragon Tail? Fairy Tail! "Where am I?" I ask. "Well, we decided to pick somebody from the normal world to come into the anime world," He laughs. I gasp. "Natsu!" I high pitched girl shrieks. I turn my head to see a white haired girl walk in. "Lisanna!" The guy who I suppose is Natsu shouts while hugging her. "Hey hey hey," Lisanna says while getting out of his grip. "What am I not allowed to hug my girlfriend?" Natsu asked.

Natsu and Lisanna? Ew. I remember this anime now. Lucy needs to get with Natsu. I cough to gain their attention. "If you don't mind, do you know where I could find Lucy?" I ask. Natsu lowered his head as if he was about to cry. "Sorry, it's just that Lucy quit the guild last year," Lisanna says. "Sorry for bringing it up," I apologise. "Don't worry, this world is set two years into the future," Natsu says.

"Hey Natsu!" A blonde boy with a headband shouts. Naruto!? So every anime is combined? "Lisanna, do you know where Asuna or Kirito are?" I ask. Lisanna points to a teleporting device. Cool! "You can teleport to whoever or wherever you like!" She giggles. "Woah," I whisper while going onto it. Hm... Let's fix this Lucy and Natsu thing first. "Lucy Heartfilia," I say while Lisanna's eyes widen. I teleport to behind a tree in a forest.

"But Jellal!" I hear Meredy shout. "It's been years, accept the fact that Ultear is dead!" I hear Jellal shout back. I look in the direction to see Jellal, Meredy and... Lucy!? "Guys stop arguing and accept the fact that Ultear will never come back," Lucy says. Wow that brings the feels. "Lucy!" I scream while running to her. "Who are you?" She asks. "I've come to bring you back to Fairy Tail," I reply.


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