Just a Rant

I hate veganism. If you are a vegan, though, nothing personal. Unless you make it personal.

Chapter 1


I am an animal-lover. I have pet sheep, cows, chickens... I love animals. You cannot dispute that because I eat and support the consumption of meat. MY LOVING OF ANIMALS IS MY OWN BUSINESS - YOU CANNOT TELL ME IF I DO OR NOT!

I also work summers on my family's farm, mostly in a chicken processing plant. Where I gut chickens. Broiler chickens, which have an expected lifespan of less than eight months before their bodies begin to fail. We raise them on pasture, and they have a (I assume) happy life. Our methods are based on the natural behaviors and environments of poultry and safety. Thus, they are living the most natural life possible while still having access to necessities and shelter. I did a study on the behaviors that they exhibit in this environment, and they are behaving eerily similarly to their wild cousins. They are not fed antibiotics or steroids... just grass and some special natural gluten-free feed supplements. And no, we are not organic. We raise 8000+ chickens this way per year. They are slaughtered on site with as little handling before death as possible. They are unconscious and the death is instant.

Does that sound like animal cruelty to you? To me, it sounds a heck of a lot better than the life some of those backyard chickens are getting in those vegetarian magazines. And if you say "animals feel fear," well, what do you think they feel in the natural environment? Please don't try that tired argument.

We also raise a slew of other animals in the most humane and healthy ways possible. Don't hate us for continuing the family business. Call me out on my bias if you want, but the only perspectives you normally hear are from loud vegans. I'm just the other side.

To the argument: "You wouldn't eat a cat, dog, or horse, would you?"
No, I wouldn't eat a cat or dog. They are the top of the food chain, eating them does not make sense. I see no other side to that.

A horse, on the other hand, I would and have. They are low on the food chain, we are high. This is natural. Horses are set at such a "magical" standard, but really, they're just herbivores. So don't pull that argument on me.

"Animal agriculture is bad for the environment." Yeah, hi there, Cowspiracy guy. Thanks for attempting to validate your personal opinions on a global scale. Unbiased science contradicts your facts. Sure, some of his points were correct. Try farming in a sustainable way that pulls carbon into the soil, that doesn't use grain, that reuses water, and that is done on good land that cannot be used for crops. Look up Neil Dennis, because yes, this can feed the world.

Also, vegans, please be educated before you tell me why meat sucks. I mean educated on non-biased sites. I'm not getting my information from the Beef Magazine, so please don't get yours from PETA (which is in no way not-for-profit). And if I see one more goat described as a lamb on a vegan's video, I'm going to scream. At least know what the animal is! Please attempt to learn more than "animals are friendly-happy-loving-fun-compassionate-rainbow-sparkly-unicorns." If you're educated, I'm not talking to you, but if you're not, don't attempt to tell me about animals, cruelty or otherwise. I doubt you know more than me.

As well, do you realize that you are deficient of nutrients that pills cannot fully replace? Supplements will not magically make you healthy! For the sake of health, do not make other people go vegan!

I recognize cruelty exists, it makes my blood boil as much as a vegan's. But I make sure to avoid being a part of it. Yes, I want change. But also, I love animals. Now excuse me while I go sell some free-range, cruelty-free meat.

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