The Story of a Girl's Heart

So here's another poem.
Let me know what you think, and remember criticism is always welcomed.

Chapter 1


There once was this girl with brown eyes and a lion's mane
that held an idealistic view of love
for she wore her heart on her sleeve
and was very much naive,

And no one could blame her for being that way
because all she knew while growing up was that she had both a mommy and daddy
that loved her with all they had
along with a brother that made the world seem all that less mad.

It was normal and it was blissful
for even on the rainy days, this young girl kept her hope
and would somehow find the silver lining
amongst the clouds, because in their family love was still shining,
But as this little girl started to grow,
she started to pick up the cracks to what her life was
for she noticed how her mommy and daddy fought
and how sometimes there seemed to be not a spec of hope that could be caught.

To this day though, the not so little girl anymore with still brown eyes and a lion's mane
looks back to where her idealistic view of love began to change
and she finds that it started from the very first fight she remembered that occurred between her mother and father
for it now seemed that they hated each other, and no longer loved her or her brother.
Of course though, that was a little girl's perspective
and she knows today that that part wasn't true,
however despite all that being said, the girl's idea of love altered
since her heart on that day was the first time that specific organ ever faltered.

After all, she can still hear the echoes of all their screams
and of all the tears that were shed on that first fight as well as the ones that happened later
and each time one plays inside her mind, she begins to think that her initial thought of love was just this traitor.

However, there's more to the story than just that
because all of her other experiences make it all that much more complicated
for a few years back this girl who is now practically all grown up met this boy
who completed her and made her want to celebrate with joy.

You would think something like that would glue back her idealistic view of love
and for awhile, for a long while indeed, her heart once again started to become more on her sleeve,
but as she continued falling in love with this breathtaking guy
storms happened around the two, making even love in the end seem dry,
which only led to more heartbreak than she had experienced before
and it felt that on the day he left her, but not for good, that she actually broke
completely and in shatters of glass
only for her to dip into shades of hopelessness with no longer any more sass.

Furthermore, it was that day that her idealistic view of love vanished
for even though she realized that she will always love this guy
she began to believe in something toxic
and that's the fact that no one would be able to love her, which may mark the end of all her little known logic.

This girl though, even though her idealistic view of love seems to be no longer there,
is still the girl with brown eyes and a lion's mane
that used to wear her heart on her sleeve
and deep down, there's a part of her still naive and ready to fall so she can believe.

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