Battle of Viewmont

This story brings us back to the Wizarding World. However, it's not at Hogwarts. It's about a student body officer named Noah who is willing to fight for his school, along with his former student body officers. As Noah and his Student Body Officer friends gear up for the battle of Viewmont High School against Burt, the most ruthless wizard of them all, they find that protecting everyone from the evils of Burt and his death eaters may not be possible.

Chapter 1


I walk into the library, where we have our annual End-of-Year party, which is always filled with laughter, food, dancing, and other social activities that we, as student body officers, put together. However, this year it seemed really different.

A couple weeks ago, a former student, named Burt Huntings, got expelled for nearly killing the school principal, Mr. Linf, on purpose, along with the rest of the administration. The Student Body Officers got involved at the scene, and the SBO president, Spence, cast the disarming charm on him to stop him, and then that's when the dementors came and took Burt out of the school for good. The Vice Principal put a shield around the school after that, in fear that Burt would come back to take revenge on the principal. There were students that knew why he wanted to kill him but they all protested his expulsion, and because they did that, they were also expelled. Nobody knew why they didn't just tell people why he wanted to kill him. And that was the hot topic that everyone was talking about at the party.

"Noah!" I hear from behind me. It was my friend Judson, "Did you hear!?"


I can hear the fear in his voice, "Burt's going to attack the school tonight."

I instantly take out my wand, ready to fight, "Wait!" I hear Judson say before I storm out the door.


"Nobody knows yet except for the SBO's and the administration. The Principal placed a tracking device on him and can see him just on the outskirts of the school."

Angrily I exclaim, "What do you mean we're the only ones who know? We're not allowed to tell the students? Are we just supposed to keep it secret until he attacks-"

And then that's when everyone in the library feels the bass of an explosion outside of the school. Everyone crowds around the windows to see what it was. As I look up, I see bits and pieces of the shield raining down onto the school. Viewmont is now vulnerable.

"SBO's! Follow me!" I hear Spence yell.

"Spence what are we doing? We are not just leaving these students to defend for themselves!" yells Rachel, another SBO, "We are supposed to protect-"

"We're going to protect these students no matter what," Spence assures her, "Mr. Linf has the Elder Wand too. There's no way that Burt is going to be able to kill him. However, since Burt isn't able to kill him, he'll come after his leftover targets."

"Who are his leftover targets?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

Spence, with his voice shaking, says, "Us."

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