Group Story Sign-Ups!!

Hey everyone! A brand new group story is rolling in, come on in!

Chapter 2

Characters Chosen!!!

Hello everybody! Im so sorry it took so long to choose characters, but I wanted to give Light_In_Life a chance to finish hers! Alas, she has taken too long, and we've waited long enough!

If you have any problem with the love interests message me! This is more a rough idea!

So without further ado, here are the characters for this story!

My Character-

Name: Emilia Rutherford
Apparent age: 19
Date of Birth: 7th January, 1843
Child of the curse: No
Job: Apothecary

Appearance: Golden hair often done up in two plaits down to her mid back. She wears dresses of varying shades of blue, and usually an apron to protect them from the different spices, herbs, and tonics that she makes everyday. Her eyes are honey brown, and she has a smattering of freckles across her heart shaped face. Shes never seen without her sturdy brown boots that she wears out into the surrounding woods to gather plants and berries.

Personality: Kind, creative, clever, and very perceptive. She's the make-shift medicine woman of the town, and gives great advice too. She loves anything to do with nature, and is often seen reading a book on a tree swing out in her woodland grove. She's good with children, but wishes that babies were born already five, and skipping the, well, baby stage. She's obstinate, and doesn't stop pushing a point or investigating something she's invested in, which gets her into more trouble than she needs.

Love interest: Joseph Abbytown

Makefriend's Character:

Name: Nicole Sky
Apparent age in the curse: 15
Date of birth: June 14 2002
Child of the curse or no: No
Job: Doesn't have one but is an oracle

Appearance: Tall, pale, long black hair, topaz eyes, complete face, long scar on cheek, 100 pounds, slim, pretty, strong jawline, wears a cape and and a black tale dress, wears high tops or boots

Personality: kind, sly, wickedly smart, sometimes a diva,funny, loyal

Love interest?: Rowan (Is that alright with you guys?)

Darsha's Character:

Name- Rowan Bagwaji
Apparent Age-18
Birthday- Unknown- thought to be around the late 1990's
Child of the Curse- yes
Job- Doesn't really have one but will hunt rare game for the wealthy

Appearance- is a tall and gangly, with a angular face that is still very much a boy's. He has dark brown eyes, thick eyebrows and tan skin. His hair is long, and goes down to his shoulders- a glossy brown. He rarely brushes his hair, and often keeps it tied back in a pony tail. He wears ragged clothes, usually made from his prize hunting catches. He always wears a belt with a knife in it and wear brown leather boots(his splurge when he buys things in town.)

Personality-Boyish Is very quiet in an odd way, doesn't really like to socialize with people unless they are doing business, is very wild and attached to his hill and little forest he is a pessimistic fellow and doesn't trust anyone. Likes to be alone and is stoic and immature. He is selfish and will not help someone unless he knows he will get something in return. He has a bit of a temper but never holds grudges very long. He was considered and outcast and doesn't care what people think of him

Background- He is a child of the curse-was born in town. Rumor has it that his mom cheated on his dad when he was very young and left him but Rowan never knew the truth. Rowan and his dad left the city to live a "camping/fur trapper/pioneer" lifestyle in the small woods on a bluff/small mountain on the outskirts of town. They fished and were self sufficient. Then one day his dad disappeared-people in town said he died and Rowan made a grave and cried even though he wasn't for sure his dad died. Rowan continued his life after making the grave and pretended it didn't happen. Pretending his dad might come back. He began trading with people in town for the extra game he hunted and made a lot of money although he rarely uses it- he buried it somewhere on his hill.

Rowan has a strange connection with birds- especially sparrows.

Love interest- Nicole (?)

ciorstan_eilionoir's character:

Name: Meave Starett
Apparent age: 18
Date of birth: Nov. 3, 199-
Child of the curse: yes
Job: Spinning/weaving

Appearance: Reddish brown long hair, dark blue eyes, light skin, wears simplistic, long dresses and boots

Personality: Graceful, caring, serious, can act mysterious or adventurous, sometimes poetic, loves to sing, loves being alone outdoors or in the forest etc., loyal and attentive, looks for meaning or the big picture

Love interest: Eugine (If that's alright with you guys?)

Glasy_MIrror's character:

Name- Joseph Abbytown
Apparent age- 23
Birthday - April 19th 1993
Child of the Curse- No
Job-police officer

Appearance- has dark skin, eyes and hair (so African descent), wears brown and baggy trousers, a white tunic with blue vest over it that is very long. wears black boots, has a thick build, muscular and tall with broad facial feature

Personality- intelligent, and loyal, can think on his feet, a realist, and very courageous, will sacrifice himself to save anyone who is in danger, very honorable, likable personality

Love interest- Emilia

Misty_Rain's character:

Name: Russell Harris
Apparent age: 18
DOB: undetermined
Child of Curse: Yes
Job: Blacksmith

Appearance: He's a rather short character, 5'6, and always seems to have some smudge of soot on his face. He's blonde with med. length hair down to his ears, and sharp grey eyes. He wears brown canvas trousers and a white cotton shirt that's always rolled up to his elbows. He has brown braces on top of his shirt, and isn't often without his blacksmith apron, his hammers and chisels and other useful odds and ends poking out of the many pockets. Being a blacksmith, he's very strong, and you wouldn't want to cross him in a fight.

Personality: He's quite outgoing and knows everyone in town, including the gossip and some secrets that no one knows he knows. (Being a blacksmith is useful after all). He takes advantage of any situation he finds himself in, and always tries to fight for what's right, or his best impression. He doesn't know who his parents are, and was raised by the prev. blacksmith till he died in an accident.

Love Interest: No.

Misty_Music's character:

Name: Eugine Marckus
Apparent Age: 20
DOB:Oct 27 1801
Child of the Curse: No
Job- Owns a bank and is very rich

Appearance-green/grey eyes, olive skin, light brown hair that frames his squarish face, strong jaw, average height, well built, wears grey pants, a white shirt and a tie with dress shoes

Personality: he's a hardworking guy with a head for business and accounting, he tends to value money over people, he is sensible and down to earth, he is curt and business-like without being rude or overly impolite, he has a kind side but its hidden well. He likes to think of himself as a self-made man and treasures each one of his accomplishments

Love-interest: Meave (?)

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