Band report: Updated

This is going to be for The Smiths.

Chapter 1

Band Repost

Basic Questions!

1. Who is your favorite band?
The Smiths

2. Who is your least favorite band?
I don't have one.

3. Why is The Smiths your favorite band?
The lyrics are relatable and always will be, Morrissey has a unique voice, Marr's guitar riffs are one of a kind and Andy is a very skilled bassist. Mike is amazing on the drums.
No one else feels a connection with Morrissey like they do with other bands, that's why people want to touch them at his concerts and climb on the stage and dance. People don't understand his humour, they just see him as depressing.

4. How did you discover your favourite band?
I went to see a local band with my ex, they covered Bigmouth Strikes Again but I didn't know it at the time. I was going to look for it later but I'd forgotten until I went to music class and my teacher was playing the Smiths from his iTunes. Someone asked him to play Bigmouth and he did - although I misheard it "Big bounce". From then, it's my favourite and soul song.

5. What's your favorite thing about your favorite band?
Andy. He's gorgeous.

Song Questions!
1. A song of theirs that makes you cry?
None, but Meat is Murder makes me try when Morrissey plays it live and How Soon is Now? made me cry when I went to see Johnny Marr.

2. A song of theirs that makes you laugh?
I can think of a Morrissey one that makes me laugh - Staircase at the University, but not a Smiths one (although there are a few with funny lyrics, they're not enough to make me laugh).

3. A song of theirs you want to play at a certain time in your life? (Wedding, Funeral, etc)
Asleep (funeral)
There is a Light that Never Goes Out (wedding dance)

4. A song of theirs you can relate to?
Rubber Ring "And the songs that saved your life" and Unloveable.

5. A song of theirs you hate?
I don't hate any of them, but I don't really like Suffer Little Children.

6. A song of theirs you can dance to?
Barbarism Begins at Home. Andy!

7. Your favorite music video?
Panic. Morrissey's hips.

8. Your favorite song of theirs?
Bigmouth Strikes Again.

Test Your Knowledge!
1. List the names of all the band members.
Steven Morrissey
Johnny Marr
Andy Rourke
Mike Joyce
(Craig Gannon)

2. List all their songs you can think of. NO CHEATING.
this charming man
there is a light that never goes out
hand in glove
barbarism begins at home
bigmouth strikes again
the boy with the thorn in his side
suffer little children
rubber ring
rusholme ruffians
the headmaster ritual
the queen is dead
meat is murder
i started something i couldn't finish
last night i dreamt that somebody loved me
william, it was really nothing
these things take time
golden lights (cover)
work is a 4 letter word (cover)
what's the world (cover)
how soon is now?
money changes everything
the drazie train
never had no one ever
i know it's over
vicar in a tutu
what difference does it make?
accept yourself
frankly mr shankly

3. Random trivia begins now!

A. The lead singer's middle name?

B. What was their first album called?
The Smiths

C. How many Grammys have they won?

Other Random Questions
1. The first song you ever heard by your favorite band?
How Soon is Now? but a cover because my mam used to watch Charmed a lot.

2. How many of their songs do you have on your phone/iPod?

3. Put in on shuffle, which of their songs came up first?
Accept Yourself

4. Have you ever heard your favorite band on the radio?
Not on the radio, the TV is a different matter.

5. Do you know anyone else with the same favorite band?
Yes, loads.


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