News? Maybe?

Chapter 1


Hey Quibblo Buddies! Sorry to bother you, since this might be spam, but I recently made an essay on someone who inspired me to be well me. So if you'd look at it, and maybe vote for it (if you feel that it's good, if it sucks then I understand and don't bother!) then that would be amazing.

The essay is basically about how when I was in the fifth grade, a stranger (my counselor for one session after my parent's divorce) helped shape me by showing me that even though it's their profession to listen, that people are always going to be there to listen even if they don't know you personally, which motivates me ultimately to want to help others by being inspired to listen as well.

So if you read this, thank you for reading this and taking time out of your life to do so. Sorry if this was spam and I do apologize greatly if it is.


Have a nice day!



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