My rant (I had a bad day)


Chapter 1

You don't really need to read this, I just wanted to get it out there

by: queer
So, my boyfriend (M) and one of my friends (who is a guy, let's call him C) had a fight. Then, my other friend (who is a girl) tried to pull them apart.

This was in the canteen, which isn't supervised by adults, apart from those who cook the food, but the only time they care is if you're "sat on their tables". So anyway, these year elevens (I'm in year 10, which means I'm 15 if you're wondering) got involved.

I've had problems with them before, they assaulted me and my friend (the one that tried to pull my boyfriend and other friend apart) on the way to army cadets.

Trying to get to the point here. So, these horrible, skanky, hoes start badgering N and pushing her. But before they start pushing her, I'm here saying "if you touch her..." and when they do, I'm like "get the f.u.c.k off her," and start pushing them, and attacking them, and swearing at them. So eventually we manage to get away, and we go to a part of the school which is called 'student services'.

N is crying, so I'm just like, telling myself not to freak out.

Which is really hard, because I have an anxiety disorder. So we have to tell our 'story', (we have to make an official statement tomorrow, which is what you have to do if you were in a fight or witnessed one. I've had to do it once before). So then, I took what I call my chill pill, which is for panic attacks, and N comes back in the classroom.

We had to leave for a field trip, which is why we can't make the statement today.

I then cried. First time I've cried at school since year 6, 2nd time in front of N.

This trip involved talking to people about what we want to do when we leave school: anxiety, I can't talk to people! I don't know, today was just really bad, and I missed a lot of stuff out, like someone close to me cutting themselves, and they managed to go two weeks without it.

I am finished now. Goodbye, talk to y'all soon.


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