Hi, I'm Michael

Chapter 1

by: BassBoy
Hi, I'm Michael! My Girlfriend is DaisyFawn which is the person who got me this account. I really wanted to make a Quibblo account since last year, but for some reason Quibblo wouldn't accept my email so I figured, why not take over another account? So I'm really happy to finally have an account.

Somethings about me:
I play football
I play guitar and sing
I drive
I hunt/fish
I like Rock
My girlfriend is the user DaisyFawn
I am in High School
I can write
I can't draw to save my life
I'm okay at school

I'll be posting an all about me repost. I'll also be continuing the QBB (I think its a really cool idea) but I'll be restarting with new houseguests or the same houseguests if they still want to. I hope I make some great friends here and I'll talk to you soon.


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