Quibblo's treasure hunt (Please read,update!!)

Chapter 1

Round 1

by: _othuna
Treasure hunt game on Quibblo! yes! we started it!

the treasure will be hidden as a private story made by this account (and as you all know, the only way to reach private quizzes/stories is to get their link). and to get it you need to follow 3 clues. for each round, we will give you the first clue, which is the online location of the second clue, which is the online location of the third clue, which is the online location where We posted the url of the story :)
Note: the clues can be hidden either on Quibblo or on an external website

Round 1: the first clue for round 1's treasure is: angel52 where is shoutouts? I miss them

When you reach the treasure story, comment on it so that we know you found it :)
Update: the first four to reach the treasure page and comment are the winners! and after a while we will start the next round!

Happy hunting!


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