Group story Sign-ups Update [Characters not decided]

Chapter 1

Info and Requirements

Five teenagers wake up together in a featureless white room. Except one who remembers their names, none of them have any knowledge of who they are, where they have been, or why they are there. All they have are name tags tapped to their chests. Given no time to try and pull their lives together, a door opens, releasing them into their world.

A city block, with no identifying labels. Streets have names, stores titles, but not one of them seems at all familiar to the teens.

They wander in a group without planning to do so. It seems that they are destined only to walk through the shadows when something drags one of them away...

Character rules and info:
-No leather anything allowed. It is way over used as a symbol of a rebel
-No hardcore, outcast, or mary sue characters.
-They know nothing. They are not skilled in the use of any weapon, nor are they a magnificent liar
-When they awake they are dress in drab, dull clothes. They can change later
-They are ALL moderately athletic. None more than the others
-Rules may be added for sanctity of the story
-The Person dragged Away will be a character of my own creation, for they will not be present throughout the story. They are also the person who remembers everyone's name. Your character WILL NOT know anyone.

Personality: (Remember, this should be a basis. They still have no memories)
Love Interest: (This can be Heterosexual, Homosexual, and/or unrequited)

Do NOT add an other category. Any addition information will be added through the course of the story as your character grows as a person.

My Main Character:
Name: Joseph White
Appearance: Upon awaking he finds his hair is thick and black. It nearly reaches his ears and sticks up at odd angles. He has dull grey eyes and a faint line between his eyes appearently from frowning a scowling often. He has a moderately tan complexion as if he spent a great deal switching from inside to outside and vise versa. He awoke in dark blue jeans and a black polo shirt.
Personality: Upon seeing his reflection he would think, 'that is the bad kid in the movies.' However, he doesn't feel like the bad kid. He doesn't exactly want to talk, but he doesn't want to be left out. His emotions often control him and he is very possessive. He tends to sulk and brood when upset.
Love Interest: Lance Ending, Possibly another if character wants him after Lance is taken away.

Character that will be snatched away:
Name: Lance Ending
Appearance: He has sandy blonde hair and small green eyes, that appear to be smaller framed behind large round glasses. His complexion is fair and dusted with freckles. He awoke in sweat pants and a white t-shirt.
Personality: He is a bit mousy, in the fact that he is easily frightened. He is the smallest of the males and tends to shadow because of it. He ties himself to Joseph because he feels they had bonded, his name being so dear in his mind.
Love Interest: Joseph White

Edit: I will now only be accepting three other characters instead of five. Not first come first Serve


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