Even Though, Even So

Just a little something I wrote in my AP Literature class when we had free time.
Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my head..

Chapter 1

It Hurts..Right?

It hurts..It hurts. It hurts and I am alone. I know I am. I am alone and it hurts.
My body does not move, but it hurts; the ground is freezing beneath me, but I do not move. I do not move even though it hurts.
It is silent around me, because I am alone. Even though I am alone, it should not be quiet; I should be screaming because it hurts, but I do not.
It is dark where I am, so dark that I cannot see; I should be scared; I should cry, but I do not.
I do not cry even though I am scared. I do not scream even though it hurts. I do not move even though the ground is freezing.
But I do breathe; I breathe--even though I am not living.


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