The Devil's Children

Soooo, I was feeling in a bouncy mood, so, yeah, here you go. Tell me what you think in the comments balowwww. :DDD

Tip: It flows well if you have a remixed "Nightmare Before Christmas" theme tune in your head while reading. X))) It speeds up and slows down, hopefully it's vaguely noticeable. XD

Chapter 1


Running down the hill, oh my!
Look at he, look at I!
Frolicking, frolicking!
Oh no, what is that?!

Fallen down, the voidless black...
Feeling lost, and feeling sad...
Where will I go? Groping back...
See the dim light, what is that...?

Light, colour, action, people!
Hit the tree, laugh at sock!
Hee hee hee! What a clot!
People people, chaos brought!
What. Is. That?!

I'm hit again...
I feel alone...
He is gone...
She is gone...
They are gone...
We're all gone...
Light, be dimming...
Ever so slowly...
We're falling, we're falling...

We hit the end.
End of the road.
Road be the end.
End of the bee.

The bee?
Be he?
Oh, please.
It be she.

At last! We're dancing!
Alas! It be bright!

Lots of -ings...
Lots of things...
Oh, well, this is all.
All the tings,
All the tins,
All the "ssss"...


Or was it fin?
Is bread thinning?

No, that's not the point!

Go away you wretched cur!
I want to see you no more!
Bugger off you lousy wench!
You stink of seeds!

I hate you all,
You disgraceful things!
You kill me slowly,
With your sweet narrating!

Get out! Get out!
There's. The. Door.


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