Thanks for Sugar for the encouragement and to Darsha for the instructions on how to get one going! I hope you all want to join!!!

Chapter 1

Sign-ups!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEPPP!!!!!


So, these young people with elemental (earth, water, fire, air, animals, electricity, snow, stone, dark, light ect.) powers are trying to figure out why the heck they were born with them, and how they can use them, or why. Just why. Most of their lives revolved around the question-"Why me?"

They're spent their entire childhood trying to hide them, and now they stand on the brink of adulthood, unsure of if they can hide them anymore.

Somehow they all end up on the northernmost coast of Maine- maybe they ran away, or were on vacation, or live there. And somehow, they all find each other.
And it turns out their powers were much more than something to hide.


My Character!!!!

Name- Evangeline
Appearance- 5ft9", slim, pale skin, dark wavy, gloss hair that falls to her shoulders, grey eyes that always look kinda sad, wears a long black dress


Personality- a dreamer, romantic, very sad, loves music more than life, has almost given up hope that this power is useful, kind, when she smiles it always means something, gives good advice, loves children

Background- played clarinet to express her feelings as a young girl, and was lucky enough to be able to hide the power from her parents, an only child, she left and went to Maine as soon as she was old enough to be alone and use her power, lives in tiny cabin called "Birches" near a small town, she rarely goes into town, has a two year degree to work with special needs children as a Speech Language Pathology assistant,

Power- Shadows/dark

Love Interest- Yes! Male character!


So Yeah...follow the same rules I did and sign up in the comments! Character an be anywhere from age 13-23! We need a mix of ages, and a good mix of male and female characters.


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