Hey, I love group stories with all my heart and I can't wait to do another one with you guys. As for my others, Direct Accounts from The War Of The Garden is done- or at least put on hold until authors come back. All We Wanted is still going-my longest running story yet- check it out! I am looking for dedicated authors who will write their chapters in a timely fashion, and stick with it. Thanks for reading! Sign up in the comments.

Chapter 1

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by: Darsha
A group of teens is kidnapped. The End.

Just kidding!

A group of young people living in a small city/large town, in the midwest is kidnapped by a secret organization dedicated to 'science' aka the inhumane experimentation upon the human body in order to create 'Maxihumans' to "protect the country".

Each person is altered and tested. It isn't long before the kids break free and make it back home.

As they try to return to their normal lives, and deal with their abnormalities, they try to go back to school, life, accept who they are. Deal with people who hate them, think they're weird, bully them.

Eventually the group grows together out of need for support. They begin meeting at a tree house on the outskirts of town. They begin spying on the people in town-the people who might have something to do with the kidnapping.
When they find out a little too much for safety-they decide to do something big. Really BIG.


Character Rules-(can bend a few for creativities sake)

*Nickname-(if any-its' not required at all)
Age-(12-23 (anyone above 18 may go to the state college in the city, or have a job)
Appearance- You can send a photo but do not slack on this please!
Personality- Five Traits Minimum
Power- Can't be something like "controls fire" it needs to be something based on the human body that can be "explained through science"-I have some examples and ideas you can use.
Love Interest-

(*means nonrequired)
My Character

Name-Kyle Dean
Appearance- Dark hair that is usually combed, but he prefers it to be in it's messy state when he has the choice, dark eyes, tanish skin but still Caucasian features , small nose, stronger jawline, wears a white button up shirt, and black pants, is very tall about six foot with broad shoulders wears tennis shoes

Personality- he is not stuck up, and he genuinely wants to be friends with everyone, and he wants to forgive- but some scars are too deep to heal. He is level headed, and pretty easy going, his sense of humor is a little off, deeply loyal, he is NOT super clever, or wickedly smart

Background- Comes from the richer side of town, parents have a lot of money, he is an only child, surprisingly he is not stuck up, he wants to be friends with people but because of his wealth people tend to avoid him, except his best friend Gus who is extremely poor, and also outcast. When he returns home his parents were more thankful that he didn't have an enhancement that altered his "precious appearance" than that he was alive and well

Power:-Immunity to disease can be given by a bone marrow transplant, shots of antibodies, WBC’s, t-cells, and b-cells, ect. Lymph nodes are enlarged a bit, are also given many many vaccines to resist diseases.

Love Interest- A female charater


List of Potential power

(You can use any of these if you want to- or make your own, no repeats though please.)

-A pair of wings is surgically transplanted onto the character’s back and they can now fly.

-The adrenal gland is altered to give the character faster reflexes.

-The character is given extra muscles for super strength and power.

-The character’s lungs are altered surgically so that they can breathe under water, and their eyes are altered with lasers so they can see underwater and they are given webs of skin on their feet for doing intense missions underwater.

-The five senses are heightened greatly. The eyes are altered with lasers so they can have heat sensory vision like a snake. They can also see things far away. The inner parts of the ears are stretched so they have intense hearing. The sense of smell is amplified via extra sensors in the nose. Pads of the fingers are

-Larger lungs are implanted, and bone marrow is altered via gene therapy so that they can run farther and faster with greater stamina.

-The character’s muscles are loosened and stretched so that they are extremely flexible and agile. They are also able to balance better.

-The character’s skin is injected with dyes so that they can change colors for camo like a chameleon.

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