This is the group story ya'lls have been waiting for.

Chapter 1


It was scary, nothing had ever been like this before. It was...weird. Words couldn't describe it. The air was...weird. The sky was...weird. The only thing keeping me from going insane were my (mostly) reassuring friends. I knew they were all going insane, too. But they were still helping me.

"It's alright." Jordan said. She seemed to read my mind. I gave her a hug. Jordan was already my friend, even though we had only been together for 10 minutes. I was burning up, I really felt like I was going to catch fire. Though some were shivering so much they were about to spin off the...whatever this place was.

We were told to stay in here. I didn't think I could any longer. I could almost feel my skin melting. I had major heat stroke. Then, after 20 minutes of silence, or...something like that, somebody spoke up.

"What are we doing here?" It sounded like a male voice. It was the question everybody wanted to ask, but were too afraid to. We all waited, silently, more or less patiently. Then, around the small room, the lights flickered. We could see it all.

We all had the same memory, or so I assumed, of the beginning. We woke up, our bodies hurt, we sat up, and saw everybody around us in dim, dim lighting. But only for a second. Then the lights went out. The rest of the memory was in pitch black. Confused voices, banging on the glass, eight bodies around me.

But now the lights were growing less and less dim, flickering all around us. We were trapped in a glass chamber like a spider that you would trap under a cup. It was a miserable feeling, really. It was also very scary. What were we doing here and why?

A body stepped into the dim light. He was a big figure. "So glad you asked." He said with a sly smile. Everybody got chills. He wasn't that kind of 'guardian angel' figure, he was more like that kind of 'psycho killer' figure. I got a bad feeling from him.

"You all," he said with a tone of sneakiness in his voice "are genetically engineered teenagers. You were created to spy on everybody. And I mean everybody. You retrieve information." He gave a glare to a man on the right of me. "Answer your question?"

The man nodded. "Yes sir."

"So," the man said. "Ready to start your first day on the job?" We all nodded. It was weird. But we knew what to do. "And, sorry for the temperature." He pointed to a white box with green numbers on it. 100.

And we were released to start our mission.

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