Red in the Woods

Red in the Woods

I decided for the Qorg Idol Contest to do an origin story for Red Hood, as Alexis has done for Violet Hood. Hope to hear from you all! ^w^

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
The world outside was cold & rainy, but the house was warm & full of wonder. In the lounge room sat a father & his 3 children. He smiled loving at them & held them close as the lightning flashed & the thunder clashed. Finally, his eldest child - Violet - looked to him.

“Why can’t mummy come down yet?” she asked.
“Because she is having a baby, your sibling!” father replied.
“When can she come down?” his first son, Blue, asked.
“When will baby be here?” Oliver, the youngest, tilted his head.
Father smiled & hugged them all closer still. “Sooner than you think.”

Satisfied, the children returned their attention to the outside world through the window. Their father looked towards the stairs, listening to the faint cries of his wife & the doctors’ orders. How long was soon? He thought. He pondered on his wife & unborn child, & soon found his thoughts falling upon evil. His child would not die, neither his wife. The doctor is good, the nurse just so.
An hour dragged on with father & children playing many games together as they patiently waited. Suddenly, a faint cry came down the hallway, signalling the birth of a healthy baby. Fathers’ mouth hung in an open smile as he staggered to the mouth of the hallway, children in tow. They waited at the end of the hallway, as the doctor exited the room with the nurse, the baby cries all but gone.

“You are a proud father of 4 children, Mr. Hood” the doctor smiled. “A healthy boy.”
“You can go in and see~” the nurse smiled.

Father & children ran quickly into the rom & to their mothers’ bedside. She smiled most angelically, clutching her newborn close to her chest. Violet, Blue & Oliver clambered onto the bed around their mother to gaze on their baby brother. His hair was red-brown & his cheeks red from crying, but he was still sweet.

That baby was me.

Red Hood.

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