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Chapter 1

Original Group Story!

by: Grunge
Read the Introduction above and the entirety of this text before auditioning.


- Not all who audition will be able to be an author for the story, so try your best to make an interesting and original character. I can probably only have a maximum of five authors (including myself). More than that and things will get too hectic for my likings.

- If your character is too similar to my or any other auditionor's characters your chances of writing for this story will drop significantly. So read about all of the other possible characters that have signed up (in the comments) as well as my own character before you create and submit yours.

- If your writing skills are too weak I do not want you to write for this story. You must be able to write a chapter, not a few paragraphs. Also you must be able to use punctuation properly, spell properly (no text talk or abbreviations unless it is for a certain part of the story like simulating a texting conversation or something), and be creative/idea generating. I'm not saying you can't ever make mistakes, you don't have to be a professional (I'm not a professional, obviously), I'm saying your writing has to make sense, correspond with the story, and merge together with the other authors writing to have the story at its full potential. Don't be that one author who never puts effort into their chapters, etc.

The Story:

Off the coast of Vancouver, BC, lies a rumoured 'Academy' that is secretly a reality. The Abandoned are raised, trained, and educated there. Our Characters are of The Abandoned; children dropped off or collected to the Academy to be of better future use than their parents could ever imagine. The children are to be trained to be undercover 'Bringers of Justice and Karma'. At times they are given contracts to them and are directed to pursue the goal that accompanies it. Sometimes killing, sometimes stealing, sometimes another. As they are bound by a contract of their own from the Academy, they must obey. Besides the students and staff of the Academy, only a handful of people know about this underground system. They keep it a secret, as they are forced to. Consequently there aren't many students attending this isolated school. The students attending are trained in various mediums and titles until they decide to pursue one major in their final years of the Academy (mostly fighting, medics, etc.). These final years include the following class organizations by age: Freshman (14-15 year olds), Sophomore (15-16 year olds), Juniors (16-17 year olds), and Seniors (17-18 year olds). On their 19th birthday, as their Graduation, they choose to either stay and serve the Academy or to be released into the real world as a general citizen. Either way they must sign and obey a contract. If they do not make their choice by midnight that very day they are executed publicly in front of their fellow peers. Our characters all have one main thing in common: their birth dates. They're all seniors turning 19. They all must make a choice. And they all want out. They want to be truly free.

Character Template:
(Complete this in the comment section. Just reply to your first comment to continue the template when you run out of characters. Delete what I have for you to read in the brackets before you post it).

Name: (no last names unless they didn't change their name as a child which is a custom in the Academy)
Age: (18 turning 19)
Weight: (be educated on weight to height rations before you fill this in, someone who is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and 80 lbs is very underweight.)
Physical Description: (BE EXTREMLEY DESCRPTIVE!)
Role: (What would they be to the group? The fighter? The bossy onedirector? The medic? Be creative!)/
Backstory: (How and when did they get to the academy, how they're seen or they're reputation, etc.)
Other/random facts: (the wonderful quirks of your character)
Links: (to a picture of your characters appearance or something BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN SLACK IN DESCRIBING THEM! And MOST IMPORTANTLY a link to a piece of your own writing on Quibblo that will represent how you will most likely write for your character in this story if you are accepted. You can also write something from the point of view of your character and send it to be through messages. Make it a few paragraphs)

My Character:

Name: Venus

Age: 18 turning 19

Gender: female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 122 lbs

Physical Description: Venus has quite pale skin with a few moles scattered here and there. Her hair is a well overgrown french bob that was once dyed bubblegum pink; now it's faded to a pastel-like shade slightly lighter than her lip color. The roots of her hair are very noticeable and match the color of her nearly curveless brown eyebrows. She's known to have a permanent scowl, it's not purposeful but it creates a very intimidating aura about her. On the contrary her smile is a rare genuine dazzle. She has full lips, blue/gray eyes, and high/defined cheekbones. Venus's body is slightly taller than the average female's, giving a willowy look to her. She has wide hips and a smaller torso which create a 'pear-shaped' body, and noticeably long limbs.

Clothing: short and slightly baggy distressed/washed out denim shorts, black thigh high socks, maroon combat boots, tight black sleeveless turtle neck, large navy blue flannel and large army green jacket. Has a small black tattoo of the dark moon Lilith symbol on her left middle finger. Also carries around a small maroon leather backpack.

Personality: Outgoing, curious, clever, and confident. Loves to laugh and make fun/jokes. Carefree to the point of carelessness at times, to the point of coldheartedness. Her words and her mind are her greatest weapon; with them she's capable of tearing anyone apart without breaking a sweat. She's a controversial character. People either love her and appreciate the intellect and unpredictability she offers, or hate her and are offended by her harshness and 'odd' opinions. She appreciates either. Although she can be manipulative, deceiving, and cunning she is also honest and helpful. She always has the best advice, even when covered in riddles. Venus cherishes thinking and often locks herself into her mind, making her eerily quiet at times.

Role: interrogator, trap, silent/surprise killer (isn't all too physically strong but can trick people into trusting her and then suddenly turn on them/kill them discreetly or spontaneously with ease)

Weapons: tongue/words, uses whatever is available (fists/legs/head/sticks/random items, also carries twin daggers, various poisonous solutions, and a silenced pistol)

Backstory: was dropped off to the academy by an anonymous woman (most likely her mother) when she was a new born. She was raised in the academy most intimately by Gray (a former graduate who decided to return, and still volunteers in the present). The pair often fight in the hallways about how much she skips certain classes. Venus is seen as unapproachable and intimidating in a one to one situation, but in a group of people she is loud and outgoing, easy to talk to. Her odd Personality is rather an infamous topic around the school.

Other/random facts: usually gets bored and annoyed with people and other things/situations easily, is a sucker for musicians, sometimes randomly gets paranoid or extremely frustrated... during these times she insists to be left alone, can run very fast, horrible swimmer who is prone to drowning in deep water, hates asking for help/feeling helpless, dislikes eating and doesn't eat often. Often tries to find little special secret places in the Academy to hide away and think. Her favorite spot is in a tree near the beach right now. Sometimes she also escapes the Academy, but is usually caught quickly as the security is extremley serious. The longest she's gone away was a week before they finally tracked her down. Punishments are always required.


Don't be afraid to ask me any questions!

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