So, I need four to six other authors to do this story. Please complete the sign ups in detail, it is never first come first serve. I can't wait to see what you guys create! Complete the sign up sheet in the comments!

Chapter 1

Sheet of Sign Ups

The Story-

In the remnants of the USA, a city called Andover in what once was southern MN. It is city against city in this brutal pace. Many aspects of technology have faded. Andover is a relatively peaceful place. However it is home to one small gang. They are not particularly violent or criminalistic. A good practical joke every so often, freedom from strict regulations, and a place to be themselves is all they want.
One night they take to joke too far, and people get hurt. They are thrown out by the city's leader, and are forced to survive in the turmoil outside the city's walls. On their own.
Soon they receive word that the neighboring city Keme, is ready to attack. In the act of trying to warn their home city they learn that their powerful leader is corrupt.

Do they stay loyal to the city they were born in? The place that threw them out? Or do they join a powerful city out of vengeance? Or do they simply strike it out on their own?

Character requirements

Career- (who they were back in the city before they got kicked out)
Love interest-

My Character

Name- Flint Losson
Age- 19
Weapon- a set of throwing knives
Career- Carpenter
Appearance- a mop of dark brown curly hair that sits on top of his head, a boyish grin that shows off his dimples, a chiseled chin, a symmetrical face with no prominent features. his eyes a mix between hazel and brown, olive skin, skinny but muscular, 5ft 10", wears jeans, work boots, and flannel button-down shirts.

Personality- often feels invisible due to believing he is painfully average. he is clever, very realistic and sensible, patient until you push him too far, determined, responsible, reasonable, not a daredevil, prefers to be honest but will lie if he knows the consequences, hardworking, persuasive without hurting people, longs to stand out

Background- Middle of five children, his oldest brother is expected to take on the family carpenter business (dad is a carpenter) and Flint is expected to marry and work for him, Flint joins the gang to be unique and works his way up to second in command

Love interest- a female character

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