My Inactivity (PLEASE READ)

Chapter 1

I'll be gone for a bit...

Hey, everyone! As you may know, it's been a long time since I've been online, and I am VERY sorry about it. Things at home are chaotic and I simply have no time to come on. To the QOrgTeam, I am VERY sorry about not being there to judge the contest. For that, I'm afraid you'll have to get me a temp... Someone who can replace me while I'm away, because frankly, it may be a matter of months before I'll be on. I'll come on EVERY time I can, but my visits may not be as frequent as they used to. I'm sorry.

Message me if you need to ask me of something, because messages are the first and may now be the only things I read when I open my inbox.

But remember...

I will never, ever, ever leave you guys. I promise.


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