Hacks That You Could Use

So these are just some hacks that I've either learned from my short life experience or have found online but they are guaranteed to make your life 150x better:)

Chapter 1

Fast-Slow Music

When your alarm goes off in the morning, make sure that your morning playlist goes off.

Your "morning playlist" is the playlist that you can make especially for you. It starts out with a song with a slow tempo and the faster you need to go, the faster the songs get. Here's an example.

5:30: Stay
5:35: You're Beautiful
5:40: A Thousand Years
5:45: Smile
5:50: Singing in the Rain
5:55: Radioactive
6:00: I'll Be There For You

So, you get it. I've tried this a couple times. It works like a charm! But you need a slight amount of motivation:)

Love, Peace, Smile,

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