Holiday time

Chapter 3

I'm Back!!!!

Hey guys I'm back

I had a great time in Australia, but I am so glad to be back
I missed the internet
I went a whole WEEK without internet
I had so much fun, it was the best experience!!!
I got to hold a koala, feed a kangaroo and pat a stingray.
It was really warm (compared to NZ)
I was staying in a great hotel, they were apartments and we were on the 38th floor. In the mornings when I woke up I would sit out on the balcony and watch whales swimming in the ocean.
The hotel had a pool (Indoor and out) and a cool gym
The outdoor pool was made to look like a beach but it was too cold to go swimming in so I spent most of my time in the indoor pool. They also had a sauna and two spas.

I went to Sea World twice, they had cool rides, I got to pat heaps of stingrays and see all the wildlife. I loved the seal show it was so clever, I can't believe they manage to train the animals so well.
Movie World once but the lines were huge I was waiting 72 mins to get on the Scooby Doo.
Wet and Wild was my favourite, the lines were shorter than the other to theme parks and there were a lot more rides. I loved the black hole and the twister.
I guess I loved that the most because there weren't a lot of people and there was more rides than the other parks.
I also went to a wildlife park where I got to hold a Koala and pat a Kangaroo. I also got to see a Crocodile jump really high into the air for food and all these birds fly over our heads in a show.
I went to Infinity which is this cool maze with heaps of rooms, with lights and mirrors. My favourite was this room dotted with lights and made completely out of mirrors, it made me think I was in the matrix.
I also went to Draculas which is a haunted house attraction and it was really cool!!! I got a glow on the dark wristband for surviving the haunted house and not chickening out half way through.

So I had a great time in Australia. On our flights we had tvs on the way there I watched into the woods. When we got there I had to wait in the customs line for an HOUR AND A HALF!!!
But on the way back there was nothing good to watch so I just listened to Abba music.

Anyway it's great to be home and back to the Internet

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