Trust (Short Story)

Chapter 1

Let me know if you want more chapters or not

by: queer
The remains of the hospital made me feel quite annoyed. I had come all this way for nothing, there was nothing left here, nothing at all, except debris coating the pavement. There were remnant pieces of clothing on the floor; I dreaded to think what happened to these people. Walking further, I was even more shocked - the what was once a car park, was now littered with rubble and detritus. I dropped my lunch leavings amongst all the polluted rubbish, and sat down by the side of the road. Whatever was leftover, none of it would be of any use to me.

The remainder of my allowed time to be away from the group was coming to a close, and I didn't want them to have to go out looking for me for no reason. I walked back to the car, there being only small remnants of innocence left in me. I opened the car door, and Walton began to drive, leaving the residue behind us. I was in the mindset that the rest of the journey back to our camp would be filled with awkward silence, but it wasn't. Hilario stopped fiddling with scraps of metal he had picked up, and messed around with the radio instead - all of a sudden, a classical piece of music came on.

None of us were familiar with the genre, but it was beautiful.

"No one say a word," Kelvin uttered.

Nobody did, well until Nery spoke, which was when all that was left was white noise.

"Laquita," she said, looking at me intently, "Did you find anything? Anyone? I'm lonely, I would love some other children to play with - I have nothing." She looked at me with her big, blue, begging eyes.

"I'm sorry Nery, the population was nil." I sighed.

"Er, Nery?" Kelvin said. "Nil means zero."

"Oh, like zilch," Nery said. "I love that word."

Our camp has no one else at all except for Walton's baby girl, Yelena, and his wife, Cristina. No part of this life is fun, but we are lucky. At least we have each other, not a bit to moan about. We have plenty of food, water, shelter, but what Nery really wants, and what we don't have, is another soul around for miles. That's not a thing we can help, but I did promise a while back that I would find her a friend. Poor kid, she's only seven, not any other people to really talk to - we're always busy. Not anyone. No toys, not anything. Not one person that will listen.

Believe it or not, I don't actually like children. I can imagine it would be hard for the others to accept, so I don't tell them. I won't admit it. I can't conclude why I dislike them, because everyone has to be a child at some point. I have considered having children of my own, but that wouldn't really be a possibility. I have to find a better way of life soon. I hold this hope in my mind that surely life isn't meant to be like this. I regard Walton as being our leader, but I have to leave soon. I've made up my mind, I suppose. I think.

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