Rdio vs. iheart radio vs. Pandora vs....?

I am Comparing Rdio to iHeart Radio and comparing them to Pandora, Spotify, and others. in the end I will reach a conclusion.

Chapter 1


Jackson Browne Radio:

5 Songs I liked played:
1. These Days - Jackson Browne
2. Wasted on the Way - Crosby, Stills and Nash
3. Witchy Woman - Eagles
4. Rocket Man - Elton John
5. Looking into You - Jackson Browne

I do not see a place to thumb up or down a track. If I LOVE the song, how will Rdio understand that they are picking good songs. I see a way to skip or go back to the beginning of a song but that doesn't make sense.

One song I skipped it was not good. Now off to the next...

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