The mistake we didn't see

Red. That was the color of the blood running down my hands. But it wasn't my blood. My heart was racing. I couldn't believe what we did.

If you want to find out what happen then you will have to read this story

Chapter 3

The mistake

"Oh man oh man. What the heck just happen? Did we really kill someone?" Dane was flipping out

"Bro just chill. It was not like it was our fault. He just came out of nowhere."

Now I was freaking out. My hands were covered in blood. Fear was consuming me. I could barely move.

"Jason snap out of it. We need to go."

"Yeah we can go to my house." Justin said

We just got on our bikes and pedaled as fast as we could. When we finally got to Justin's house we just went in through the back door. Our hearts were racing.

"Look no one can know. We have to keep this to ourselves. I won't last in jail!!!"

"Shut up Dane. No one is going to jail. When the sun comes up tomorrow, we are going back and we're going to hide his body and forget that this ever happen. Okay?"

Jason was right. We had to forget about this. We all nodded and then the doorbell rang.


"Chill bro it's just the doorbell." Justin looked like it even scared him.

W all walked down the stair not knowing who it was. it was 1 in the morning. Dane, Jason and I walked into the kitchen as Justin went to answer the door. We could hear Justin.

"Hey Amelia and Heather, umm what’s up?" What were they doing hear?

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