Quibblo Idol! Please Read!

Chapter 1


So I just got home from school and saw that the Quibblo Idol Contest results had been announced! My heart dropped, I was so nervous to see if I had won or not. Honestly, I was amazed I made it to the final two. I started the competition right after I came back to Quibblo, and I wasn't even confident my interview would be accepted!

As I was watching the winner video, my heart was racing. I had to watch it three times just to make sure I was really seeing my profile picture at the end! I am just so happy right now, and so, so grateful that you amazing people voted me as the Quibblo Idol! It is such an honor and I really can't explain how grateful I am for our Quibblo community, even if it isn't what it used to be.

There were a lot of tough challenges in the Quibblo Idol contest, a lot of which I wasn't sure I could win. But I tried my best, and it took me far ^^. I want to thank the QOrg Team for putting on this awesome contest and for everything they have been doing for Quibblo! I also want to thank not only the 36 people who voted for me in the finals and everyone who voted for me in the rounds, but everyone who voted in general! Without you guys watching the competition, reading the stories, and taking the quizzes, it would've been kind of pointless!

Last, but absolutely not least, I want to thank everyone who also competed in the Quibblo Idol Contest. I competed against a lot of very talented quiz-makers and writers, and just great people in general. Thank you again everyone, I love you all! If anyone wants to message me, please do! I love to talk to everyone :D

Also, would everyone please look the link below? It is for a contest I am trying to start and I would really appreciate anyone signing up! I only need a few more people before I can start. Thanks!



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