Brokenly Addicted

I was going to explain why I wrote this, but as I began to write I got off track and wrote a poem that though describes how I feel, isn't what I had pictured. So instead of explaining my inspiration since what I intended didn't happen, just let me know what you think of this poem. Criticism is welcomed. Criticism is welcomed. Oh.. and criticism is welcomed.

Chapter 1


She closes her eyes-
she listens to her heart beat-
it's broken in rhythm
and it's burning in heat.
This girl is unraveling
before your very own eyes
for every breath she takes
she swallows more lies
and there's not much left
of her heart--of her life
that can be saved from this mess
since it was stabbed by a bloody knife.

But if she closes her eyes tighter
she can imagine you next to her
where you are holding her hand
and all time becomes is a blur.
It's that moment then her heart slows
and it begins to beat with yours
causing a cool down to a rhythm
that eventually can save all of her past wars.
So I guess that makes you her savior

but it also makes you her destroyer
for when you leave she dies

but when you're here--
She loves.



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