Well i wanna do a shout out to a few people :)

I wanna do more just to lazy to go through my friends list

Chapter 1

Meow :)

First person on my friend list that aint my sisters.
I love teri she truly amazing. Shes beautiful, sweet funny. Kind, She is one of my best friends on here. I absolutely love talking to her. Shes one of a kind. I cant describe her in words. If you don't have her as a friend, friend her and if you do message her, she will make you smile like she always does to me.

Heart, You came in my life when I most needed you. When I thought I wont be able to smile again you made me smile and laugh. Im sad we don't talk much now but your still amazing :) I cant say much since all I feel about you is grateful and amazed. Contiune being smart, sweet,kind and of course charming like you are XD.
Oh yea friend her if you haven't shes an amazing friend :)

Kitty, what can I say we been in the ups and downs. I slowly started to love you more and more. I love talking to you. it makes me realize who I am and how not everyone who is your friend thinks the same as you and the ones who do. Don't make sure they will always be there for you. Kitty your beautiful but you don't know it. I want you to be happy and I will be by your side no matter what like you've been for me

My sis, not by blood but since the moment I met you we became close friends. I love talking you all our laughs. I know I have so much to tell you but your still gone and I miss you. your a wonderful person. She deserve to be treated amazingly .

_______Sorry if the shout outs are getting shorter my legs are heating up-----

Your AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your quizzes. They deserve more commets. lol When I first met you I was confused who you were but then I got to know you and we became so close. Im glad I got to met you hun :) I don't have words to describe you or that AWESOME CHICK. XD

Im tired so Im gonna stop for right now but yall all deserve shout outs and I wanna thank you all for being so nice and amazing friends with me. If you want a shout out just comment or send me a message. I will create them much longer I promise and Im sorry for my bad grammer and my nonability at giving shout outs XD

I was gonna do more but my inbox messages keep getting cleared :)


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