The "Acceptable" Disguise

So let me know what you think, criticism is accepted.

Chapter 1


Peering into the mirror
a girl finds herself in a state of disgust
with black circles surrounding her eyes
and tangled hair that's a mess if you must.

If people saw her like this
two things would befall-
either people scream in horror and judge
or they fake concern and treat her like this fragile doll.

The girl though is to be a master of disguise
and within a mere moment of time
she transforms herself in something society deems as beautiful
with bright eyes and smooth hair--but then she commits a crime.

She happens to be lying about who she is
through the mask she placed upon herself
and that in fact is deceit
but one that society has taught is needed in order to "love" oneself.

Is there anything beautiful about lying
to yourself and others--
just to avoid the judgment cast down upon one another
when God intended us to love thy neighbor?

No--there isn't
but when society has taught us all to appear strong
there's nothing more the girl can do to be accepted like she always should
even thought this deceit is wrong.


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