A sort-of love poem that I tried to write for Quibblo Idol Round 4.

As the title implied, this is kind of thrown together and all around not so great. I had zero inspiration and no idea what to do. I wish I was a super good poet, but I did try my best. If you like it at all, please vote for me in the Quibblo Idol Contest!

Chapter 1

An Untitled Poem

I was there for you when you're parents got divorced.
I was there for you when your dog got hit by a car.
You were there for me too, until you weren't.

Some relationships dissolve, or evolve over time,
Some change in an instant.
Ours was one of those.

I was six when you first told me you liked me,
Seven years passed and we were best friends,
But you wanted more.

I didn't want to ruin our friendship,
It was awkward for a while
But in the end we were closer than ever.

One night we were texting, as we had been all day,
We both said goodnight and see you tomorrow,
And I haven't spoken to you since.

You ignored my texts, calls, and hellos
You got a girlfriend and some new friends
You told everyone I started it.

I don't know what made you snap
What made you decide you were done with me
It's a question that haunts me everyday.

I get butterflies in my stomach,
And tears in my eyes.
Knowing I lost the best friend I ever had,
Someone I cared for so much.
But also knowing that in the end
I wasn't good enough to wait for.

We're classmates, neighbors, and have all the same friends
I can't avoid you if I try.
No matter if we never speak again,
I'll never forget how much you meant to me.

Late nights on the phone,
Water balloon fights and building forts in the woods,
The day your little sister got stuck on the roof.

We have so many memories, so much history.
It's such a shame I realized too late,
Just how much I really loved you.


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