Facts About Me (Updated)

Facts About Me (Updated)

All 100% true so I hope if you're reading this you aren't a stalker or some crazy killer, etc just saying

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Full Name: Angela Roseanne Ducommun
Birthday: July 5th 1989
Born/Raised in: California
Age: 26
Real Height: 4'11 and 1/2 (since I was 16), 4'11. 9" (recently grew 4 inches)
Perferred Story Height: 5'9
Zodic Sign: Cancer
Chinese Sign: Snake
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Song: You and Me by Lifehouse
Favorite Band: Jonas Brothers (yes I know they're broken up)
Favorite Male Singer(s): Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas
Favorite Female Singer(s): Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan
Hobbies: writing stories, hanging out with friends, being with my family, shopping, watching old tv shows/movies
Favorite Actor: Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore)
Favorite Actress: Nina Dobrev (in general)
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate or Rocky Rhode
Favorite Movie: A Walk To Remember (Old), Descendants (New)/Anything with Lindsay Lohan, Nick Jonas or Justin Timberlake in it.
Favorite TV Show(s): General Hospital, WWE and many others
Favorite Sport: not really into sports
Favorite Superhero: Iceman
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Drink(s): anything diet (Soda), Sugar Free Diet iced Tea, iced coffee
Favorite Diet Soda(s): Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi
Favorite Sandwich: Tuna Melt
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant(s): McDonald’s, In N Out, Taco Bell and Carl's Junior
Favorite Cereal: not really into Cereal anymore
Favorite Candy: Reeses
Favorite Food: Stake
Favorite Fast Food(s): Cheese Burgers, Fries and Chicken Tenders
True Facts: has type 2 Diabetes, received a kidney transplant on December 18th 06, and was abused emotional and mentally as a child by her mom (she used to throw glass at my head)
Hates: Bugs (of any kind)
Favorite Snack: Homemade Nachos with Graded Cheese and taco bell mild hot sauce
Hairstyle: wears it up unless lazy but hates to have hair touching her more often then not
interesting Facts: hates uneven numbers and hates food touching each other on her plate
Real Life Best Friends: Melissa, Henry and Alex
Story Best Friends: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Torrey Devitto, Arielle Kebbel, Ian Somerhalder, Nathaniel Buzolic, Daniel Sharman, Danielle Campbell, Charles Michael Davis, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, Chris Woods, Sebastian Roche, Steven R Mcqueen, Michael Trevino, Elizabeth Blackmore and Nathan Parsons
Story Best Friends not apart of the Vampire Diaries: G Hannelius, Dove Cameron, Ryan McCartan, Cameron Boyce, Rachel Leigh Cook, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Naya Rivera, Diana Agron, Mark Sailing, Cory Monteith (rest in peace), Kristen Storms, Chad Duell, Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Lucas Grabeel, Ashley Tisdale and Ryan Seacrest
Perferred Story Love Interest: Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore Silas and Tom Avery but mostly the first two Characters or the real life person)
Personality: A popular girl next door that is a flirty, charming, mean, vain, self-centered, spoiled, manipulative, selfish, over protective, semi controlling, obessessive and possessive Girly-girl who hates emotions but has them, has trust and abandonment issues, tends to push others away accidentally or otherwise, hates to be lied too, has a problem with attitudes/disrespect, doesn't really like public displays of affection but has no problem writing about it, has a high s(e)x drive but is still a virgin, is not ashamed to admit it and will do anything for the ones she loves...but has changed a lot since she was 16 and is still working on fixing her issues
Family: Mom died when I was 18, dad emotional abandoned me at 11 but mom and dad stayed together til I was 15.
Real Life Background: My parents had an abusive relationship for almost 20 year all because mom was scared to be alone. Mom I think was mentally unstable/bi polar and just didn't know it. How do I know or why do I feel this way because I was emotionally abused for the first 18 years of my life, well actually it was only part time; i have awesome grandparents on my mom's side who let me live with them most of the time but on weekends or if I did something really bad then it was off to mom and dad's. Mom is obessessive/possessive, jealous and just all around crazy once she accused me of wanting to sleep with my dad just because we were hanging out watching TV one day when she wasn't home it was beyond wrong but nothing compared to getting glass thrown at you for no reason or being basically thrown out every other weekend out of emotional mood swings just to be asked to stay the next. Mom was always like that even after dad left she would blame me for her being sick (mom was on Dialysis for 14 years with no kidneys), once she even took my keys and my phone while I was sleeping and hide them then told me she never wanted to see me again when I woke up, I was so done so over it I called her bluff she wanted to live alone I didn't care anymore, I called my grandparents and packed my things but mom begged me to stay a few minutes later as I was walking out the door so I did...it was like I was raising her, god it was crazy we used to fight over everything and I mean everything like this one time I was doing my homework and she got pissed at me because she wanted to watch a movie or something and I promised I would but I couldn't at the moment so she comes storming into my room freaking out at me for nothing, I asked her over and over again to calm down and leave my room but did she listen no; so I picked up my phone ready to go back to my grandparents place knowing I wouldn't get anything done with my mom the way she was, she came at me and I was either angry or scared so I threw the phone just wanting to get away from her and I accidentally gave her a black eye...let's not forget I get my mental unbalance from her. Anyways even after every fight where she would try to steal my things and through all the crying which did make me shake a lot, my mom was one of my best friends after all she was there for me when my grandparents kicked me out for a year...my grandma will say it was my idea that I wanted to live with my psychic mother but I knew I messed up; then I got sick and my mom thought I was faking, good thing the doctor grandma took me to see for my check up didn't think so or I would be dead right now. Mom and I were both born Visual impairment or Partially sighted (it means we can see but not like everyone else, we need to sit close to the tv to see everything, we have to use special items to read, we can't drive, we have a hard time seeing to far away (I can see the mountains I can't see snow is my running joke), etc some of my friends are completely blind but even partially sighed we know how to use Canes and read braille though I perfer not to give into my life long condition; in fact my acting teacher always praised me on being a strong survivor and never letting it hold me back. When I was 16 as I said I got sick and when mom found out I wasn't faking, she felt awful but in all fairness to her growing up I wasn't always the most honest; lying was my way of life, being someone else helped me escape (that's why now instead of lying i put all of myself into my stories) and I liked it...I was never one of those teens who turned to alcohol, drugs, stealing or getting pregnant; no my rebellious fall back was lying...well that and I liked skipping classes but the last year I did that was ninth grade but in my defense I wasn't lying about being sick. Sick- let's start here when I was 18 months old I had a Wilms' tumor, A Wilm's tumor is a malignant tumor of the kidney, of a type that occurs in young children. So they removed my kidney which one, i'm guessing it was the left but i'm not certain anyway they took out my kidney and life went on, I lived a pretty normal life with one kidney well there might of been a a few problems here and there then I turned 16 my world was already collapsing around me, and yes most of that at the time was my fault but my doctors got me on dialysis and life returned to normal. I was on Dialysis for a year and two months; I started on October 7th 05 and they were able to get me a kidney transplant on December 18th 06. My heart stopped for a few minutes and after the surgery I slept for an entire week (i'm guess that and my heart stopping for a few minutes help cause my memory loss, i can't always remember things withhout repeating them or writing things down) but they eventually let me return home to my grandparents place on December 31st a few hours before the ball dropped. I spent the next year or so at home being home schooled because I wasn't allowed around people but I was finally allowed to go back for my senior year...senior year is also the year mom died, my mom would come over all the time after I returned home from the hospital but surprisingly she would never let the fighting stop...I was numb for the first three months after my mom's death, emotions weren't really my friends to begin with but eventually I let them in and grieved properly before using that grief to fix my life and my self...am I perfect, hell no but at least now I can admit that to myself and to the world and that's all that really matters. I've had my new kidney for almost 10 years now, my eyes haven't gotten worse over the years, they just stay the same and I refuse to get surgery because what's the point I rather be visually impaired then to loss my sight completely. I have been working to improve myself since I was 16, do I sometimes fall back into old bad habits sure but I think i'm doing pretty well and if I have ever hurt or upset anyone it wasn't on purpose and that's 100% true.


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