Poetry Book

Poetry Book

I'm no good with poetry, but I'll give it a shot!

Poetry does not have to rhyme, so most of mine does not~ Sorry! ^^

Chapter 12


by: Cozy_Glow
If the world crumpled beneath my feet,
I would not run,
I would fly.
If the swamps began to suck and churn,
I would not sink,
I would swim.
If the snow and fire rained down upon me,
I would not stand there,
I would seek shelter,
For I will not die.
I want this world,
The world thsi is,
To die and let me live.
I seek the world Richtofen speaks
To live forever,
Eternal in soul.
Let me leave and let me live,
Let me flee the coming doom.
No more death,
No more sorrow,
No more space and zombie time.
I want the clear, blue sky,
The laughter of joy,
Freedom and joy and love.
Things we once knew
And all lost.

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