Project E

A story I'm writing with 2Xtreme. It's also on Wattpad

Chapter 1

What Are We?

"I hate this place." Ramon mumbled to me, slumped down beside my locker.

"I'm sure you'll be able to withstand it for at least the rest of the school year." I said even though all of us around the table agreed with him. We didn't really have to be here though, there's no point. The only reason we live is to infiltrate the government. Are we really humans like everyone around us?

Corri, who was standing beside me, gave me a smile. She always tried to calm me down when I was overthinking things.

"You better keep it between us, you know what Avery will say." Reid laughed.

Wisteria High felt quieter than usually, we weren't even smothered between the large crowds of seniors. I know I heard rumors about transferring into our government's military but rumors are rumors. I had contacted Avery, our controller, about this but she assumed it was just some ditch day.

"Hey, what are you thinking about?" Reid came up behind me. "Unless you are amazed by the look of your backpack."

"Shut up, I was just thinking about what's going on here." I whispered. Students passed up and down the hallways and they can't know any of our secrets.

"Hey, Avery will get angry if we get out of here late. C'mon, let's get going." Zane, our newest member of the group, frantically came up behind us , escorting us out of the school. He had been acting so frantic and afraid lately but it's probably something wrong with his hard drive. Zane pushed us outside until we see Avery's truck parked down the street. She was on her phone as she looked around suspiciously, like she didn't want anyone to see the crime she was committing. We hopped in the car, scaring her as she quickly dropped her phone.

"You guys better not be making any small talk with those people. We got to hurry up and get out of here."Avery murmured, revving up the engine and speeding off. "So, Drew," She spoke to me as I buckled my seat belt in the passengers seat. She tried to keep her voice low so the others in the back seat wouldn't hear as much. "about those rumors. I think Dad's found the answer."

"So what will we do about it?" I asked. Avery braked hard at a stoplight and turned to me with a smirk.

"What about an invasion?"

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