The Quibblo Apocalypse

Chapter 1

Welcome to Quibblo

by: _othuna
Welcome to Quibblo! This city has the population of one million and counting. We are a sprouting city and welcoming to any new-comers.

Quibblo has a your classic cityscape look with many moving taxis and people roaming down the streets to go off to work or meet new people.

Our city offers many new career choices such as quiz-makers, authors, repost-markers, or commenters....


Good evening Quibblonians,
We are sad to report the disappearance of President Quibblo. He suddenly was found missing about a month ago. Worried Quibblonians, scatter around the city trying to find their beloved ruler but to find no luck. Police work hard to retrive President Quibblo.

Author's note: Who would like to go next?

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