I'm Back :)

Chapter 1

I'm back, with a surprise!

I'm back :D

My boyfriend took me on my first ever vacation! :D

He said we were going to Ocean Shores, but after we had driven for a few hours, I said, "Uh... Jacob? Ocean Shores is the other way..."

And he looked at me and said, "Yeah, but the airport is this way."

He took me to Puerto Rico :D

This was huge for me because it was a ton of firsts for me; my first vacation, my first time on an airplane, my first time swimming, my first sunburn, my first time out of the country, even my first time being out of the state!!!

He taught me to swim, which was a TON of fun! We went to the beach a whole bunch and I got sunburned on the first day X)

I didn't care though, that made it fun!

And about halfway through the week long trip, we visited the Arecibo Observatory, which is the biggest telescope in the world.

And guess what happened there?

He proposed to me!!! :D

We're getting married OMG I had never been so happy!!!

And he did it in the awesomest way ever!!!

He said to me, "Hey Sam, look at this," and he pointed at the gorgeous view of the whole thing. And when I turned around, he was on one knee and he said, "Samantha Avery Walker, will you marry me?"


I'll post some pictures as soon as I can :)


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