We Are Recruiting!

Chapter 1

We Are Recruiting!

by: _othuna
We are always looking for new ways to improve Quibblo, and to make it more fun and interesting!

Would you like to join us? Would you like to be a part of the QOrgTeam community and collaborate in improving Quibblo?

We now have open slots for 4 new members!

# 1 Open slot for an ideas bringer
# 2 Open slots for idea developers
# 1 open slot for a graphic designer.

This is the meaning of each category:
Ideas bringer: The one who thinks of new creative ideas for Quibblo.
Idea developers: The one who develops these ideas on Quibblo
Graphic designer: The one who creates graphics when needed.

To apply, comment here which category you want to be in, after that, you will be interviewed, and afterwards we will announce who are accepted into the QOrgTeam.

Don't miss this Oppurtunity :)


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